Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's been awhile...

Well daaaaannng it's been a while! I apologize for my absence, life is just super busy right now! Last week I dropped off my brother at BYU-Idaho and got to explore Salt Lake City with my mama so that was super awesome possum! 
Sooooooo, THE PAPES ARE IN! I am officially waiting for my call! Which is insane crazy! I am some how remaining strangely calm not sure why I'm not in a constant state of waiting to puke my guts out but I'll take that as a good sign!! I am just so extremely excited to serve the Lord, I can't wait to see where He wants me to serve!!
Story time!! I'm throwing it back to last week in the Burg(Rexburg Idaho that is)! So when we first go there we took a tour of campus and when  walked into the science building where he'll have one of his classes and he got so excited and told us how much time he wants to spend there and how interesting he finds physics and so on! So while my brother was doing all of his freshman initiation activities he was trying to decide what major he wanted to go into, either business or physics. He just couldn't decide. So when he texted and asked my opinion on what major he should choose, I told him first to pray of course. but I also reminded him of how excited he got when we walked into the science building and that he should do something that excites him. He texted back immediately saying that hes choosing physics and thanked me for my opinion. Now lets jump ahead 5 hours or so, I was going through my moms phone and saw the texts between her and my dad (it's a normal thing haha I'm quite snoopy) and my mom mentioned what happened between my brother and me. What my dad said really struck a chord with me. He said "She's helping him remember." I immediately started crying (again) and I felt so much love, joy and peace that I made the right decision about going on a mission. I am going on a mission to help people remember Christ and to come unto Him. We all knew Him before we came to earth, some of us just forgot, So that's my mission, to help others remember Christ. 
I don't know who reads this, if anyone even is, but I want you to know that there is a God, that he loves YOU, that He has a son Jesus Christ who is our Brother, Friend, Savior and Redeemer, He knows and loves you! He is there with open arms! I am so grateful for the knowledge of this beautiful  Gospel and grateful for the opportunity I have to share it!
I believe everyday is an adventure, it all depends on how you look at it.
With love, 

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