Tuesday, June 28, 2016

week 29: Ask and ye shall receive

June 20, 2016

     Sorry this is late...again!
     Well this week was very different than last. Still hard, but much
better. So I think I thought that as I went along in my mission, that
things would get easier. I saw older missionaries that seemed like
they had it all together, when really they struggle too. When I was
Redding, everyone talked about the south like it some glorious place,
when the reality is, missionary work is hard no matter where you go.

     But this past week, I learned the power of obedience. Waking up
has been THE struggle, but I committed to be better and once I started
to get up on time, oh my goodness the blessings flowed!

    This week we had zone meeting which is always fun to get the whole
zone together to talk about the work in this area! This time though,
President and Sister Marston joined us, which was awesome. I love
learning from both of them. We talked about reaching our goal for
finding new investigators. We talked about our OYMING (open your
mouth) and how as we talk to more people each day, we will find more
people. We decided that each day we would have a theme or category of
people to OYM. Obviously talk to everyone you see/feel prompted to
talk to, but having a category helped motivate us to talk to them.

      On Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Smith in her area! She
is such an amazing missionary and I learned so much from her! In their
complex they have a bunch of wild peacocks that sound like a dying cat
when they make noise, so my sleep wasn't the greatest that night haha
but we had an awesome day. We went to try to see a potential, but they
went home so we decided to knock on the neighbors door. A teenage boy
named Emmanuel opened the door and started talking with us. We
explained who we are and what we do as missionaries. We talked about
our relationship with Jesus Christ, and he said that his relationship
with his Savior helps keep him out of trouble. It was an unexpected
yet beautiful response. We asked if they would like to hear our
message and he said he was interested. Like actually interested. It
took us both by surprise, because most of the time teens will giggle
out of awkwardness, say no thanks, and walk back inside. He had to
leave so we couldn't share a message right then, but he said we could
come back!! It was so neat to see, that when you take the extra
effort, miracles happen.
     That night we ate with the S. family. Brother S. is
an active member but Sister S. isn't a member at all, but she
goes every week AND pays tithing!! Like what!?! We introduced them to the new Families and Temples pamphlets and also gave them the My
Family booklet to fill out! They were super excited to learn more
about eternal families and family history work. She knows the church
is true and plans on getting baptized, but the only thing stopping her
is her mom. She is a devote Christian (or maybe Catholic, I'm not
quite sure) and isn't into changing her ways or views. But she said
she is going to work on her mom getting comfortable with her getting
baptized. So I'm excited to hear about her progress!!
After dinner we went to see a former who has been too busy to
meet with the Sisters. At first she said she didn't time to meet but
as Sister Smith and her were talking, they were able to work out a
time that would work. But it was completely out of love for her and
wanting to get to know her. I talked to her two granddaughters and
they were the sweetest little girls. They showed me their baby dolls
and we just giggled together. I saw that as we love the people, as we
genuinely care about them as people, as Children of God, they feel
that, they don't feel like a number or project. When they feel Gods
love for them, they want more and will be more accepting.

     So we have a new person over the cars in the mission. So every
third Friday of the month we will have a car fast, where we don't
drive our cars all day. It is to help us OYM more and talk to more
people throughout the day. It's our weekly planning day and we have
wifi at the apartment (thank goodness) so we stayed in for most of the
day and planned/clean out area book. That thing was a mess. We had
multiple records of people and people who didn't have way to contact
them, so we merged records and got rid of people that would be 100%
for us to contact. It was pretty productive! We then walked to the
park where our dinner was going to pick us up. They took us to a
sandwich shop and it was SO GOOD! The father is in the bishopric and
they are just a super sweet family. We were able to share the "A
Shower of Heavenly Blessings" video with them. We talked about how
sometimes we are blocking the blessings Heavenly Father wants to give
us simply due to disobedience or just not seeing the Lords hand in our
lives. I really needed that message. The Lord is continually blessing
us, but we just need to open our eyes and hearts and do things to
accept and receive those blessings.

      Saturday was the best Saturday this transfer!! We went to visit
some potentials and less actives and like usual they weren't home.
Instead of just moving on to the next name, we decided to knock some
doors. We knocked on a less actives house with a non member husband
and we were able to set a time to come back! When we left their
doorstep, we saw a man outside gardening. His name is R, he was
born and raised Catholic and has stuck with it. He is an a radio club
with some members of the ward and says he likes Mormons. He said
"eventually I'll read the book." So we asked him if he had a copy of
the Book of Mormon. He said he was waiting for his friend to give him
one, so we offered him one and he accepted! We gave him Alma 32 to
read and we really think he will read it! We plan to go back in a
couple weeks. It was such a blessing to meet him. We really saw that
when we are diligent and open our mouths, the Lord gives us people who
are prepared.

       Sunday was so good! It was Father's Day and so all the talks at
church were about Fathers. I am so grateful for my Father and the
influence he has had on me. He is the perfect father for me. I am
grateful for his testimony and encouraging words. We don't talk to
much, but when he does write me it is exactly what I need to hear!
After dinner, we went to see a potential but instead we met a young
man named Cole. He's probably around 17 and he answered the door and
actually stepped outside to talk to us. (That doesn't happen) We read
a scripture from the Book of Mormon and talked about our relationship
with Jesus Christ, he said he doesn't really have one but he would
like too. We have him a Book of Mormon and gave him Alma 7 to read,
all about the Atonement! We tried to set up a return appointment, but
he unfortunately lives in SoCal.
😢 So we may never comes from that. I
just thought it was so neat that the Lord really provides. I thought
about what the miracle for the day would be and nothing came to mind,
and then this happened! The blesses those who diligently do his work!

Love you all so much!
Sister Gore🙌🏻

week 28: Turning points

June 13, 2016

  So I've left my teens behind and the hashtags are going with em
haha Sorry this email is late, a lot is going on. Okay these weekly
emails I feel like are the same things over and over. So I'm sorry if
I sound repetitive, but that's pretty much missionary work!

     Wednesday we had zone conference! Ahh oh my goodness it was just
so good! We talked about the Holy Ghost and how to help investigators
recognize the Spirit and follow the promptings they receive. It was so
helpful, because we actually ended up talking about that with Tom and
Andy in our lesson that night. I left my notes at home and I can't
remember everything now but I will do my best. Some things President
talked about were: - choice of attitude, that as a missionary we
shouldn't have bad days, we can have hard days but a bad day come from a bad attitude -seek revelation through the Scriptures, by reading we feel the Spirit and will receive answers to our questions -we aren't
to judge or pick and choose who we invite to come closer to Christ. He
died for everyone of Gods children so give everyone the opportunity to
come closer to him.
     I just love President Marston, he directs us and teaches us with
so much love. I know he loves the Lord and loves each one of the
missionaries he presides over. I am so grateful for his direction and

Since we had Zone Conference with Auburn and Rocklin, I got to see
Sister Madsen, my MTC comp and some friends from reading. Mace,
Jensen, and Rollman! It was so great to reunite and reminisce about
Redding haha

   The rest of the week was good, honestly Lincoln has been tough for
me. I can't put my finger on what it is, but it's been rough. I've
just been a little discouraged, I'm trying to stay positive and keep
perspective, but it's hard to be happy all the time.

   On Saturday it was my Birthday!! Thank you to everyone who emailed
me, or sent me a card or package!! It meant SO MUCH TO ME!! I cannot
even believe I am 20! It's weird! The Sisters heart attacked the
apartment while I was in the shower haha it was a wonderful surprise!
The even got me my favorite Ben and Jerry's and a Star Wars cup!!

    Later that day, we had a great lesson with Bill!! We read Alma 40
with him and talked about the Plan of Salvation and the three kingdoms
of glory! He was happy to know that "there is a middle place for [him]
to go." He always thought there was just. Heaven and a Hell, so it
gave him comfort that there is a "middle ground."

   Later the district went to Home Spun for fro-yo and the owner came
out and they all sang to me, it was quite hilarious and super sweet!
That night we met a less active, who wasn't interested in us
coming by to share message with her, but she said we could visit her
daughter! So we are excited to stop by again and meet her!

    Although missionary work is hard, it is the most rewarding thing I
have ever done. It's a roller coaster of emotions, but it always comes
back to joy. Joy in knowing that I am on the Lords side and that He is
helping me and that I am sharing the message of His love!

    I want to encourage you to pray for opportunities to share the
gospel then act on the promptings you receive. I know that as you do
this, the Lord will help and bless you!

Sorry this is so short!
Love y'all so much
Sister Gore

Monday, June 20, 2016

week 27: #Faithtokeepgoing

June 6, 2016
     Another great week here in Lincoln!! It is starting to get so hot
here! But we will survive.

     Wednesday Sister Smith and I went on exchanges in my area!! I
love Sister Smith! We reminisced about Redding and talked about old
times! We ended up finding a new investigator while we tried to
contact a less active! It was actually a miracle. We knocked on the
door and we expected a woman to answer, but a man named B. answered the door. We introduced ourselves and asked if we could share the #Hallelujah video and he actually said yes. We asked him about his
relationship with God and he said he has a belief but doesn't go to
church. We testified of the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it.
He said not right now but he said we could come back and share more
messages with him! We plan to go back soon and hope that he will be

    We also got to see a few potentials. We saw P. and A. They are an older couple and A. has a lot of health issues and is now bed stricken. She really can't do anything for herself. It was beautiful to see how much P. loves her. He just endlessly loves her and serves her.
We had a really good lesson with T. and A. that night. T. got a little offended at church, because he didn't have church clothes and
felt like people were judging him. We explained that the church is
filled with imperfect people, we are all trying to be like Christlike
but we all fall short. He really appreciated that. We read a chapter
from the Book of Mormon with them. We talked about Spirit and how he speaks to us in different ways and that he will always testify of
truth! Which was awesome because that's what we talked about in
district meeting that morning! We were able to testify of the
Atonement and how much this gospel has blessed our lives. They are
awesome and I'm excited to continue to see their testimonies grow.

    So numbers don't really matter, but they matter haha. And we were
able to double our numbers from last week! It was awesome! It's
amazing to see Gods hand when you are willing to do your part by being
diligent and work hard! He truly does add power to our efforts.

Sisters who all served in Redding, CA together - reunited...kindof

    This week was MLC and Sister Watson sent up my favorite food for
my birthday, Asparagus and Mayo!! (Sounds weird, but trust me it's
really good) And I got a little package from Nicole! It was so sweet
of both of them to think of me and it totally made my week!!
I'm so grateful for my time here. I'm starting to see how short of
a time I have. I hit 7 months on Saturday, and that is crazy to me!
Lincoln has been a tough area, but I know the Lord has things for me
to learn here and I know that I am supposed to be here at this time
for a reason.

I know this church is true and that God loves us!

Sister Gore

Week 26: #findingtheone

May 30th, 2016

    This week was wonderful! Lincoln is a cool place! Every Tuesday
and Thursday we do service at this place called the Salt Mine. It's a
church/food closet/store. Their primary goal is to feed the hungry. We
help with the food line, but mostly stack and unstack chairs for bible
study. Best part is we get to wear pants
but really everyone
there is super nice.
          A lot of our work here right now is building member trust. A few
  companionship's back, the relationship between the members and
missionaries in this ward was damaged, so we are trying to rebuild
that relationship and build up their trust to get referrals and help
them be more missionary minded. So we have been doing lessons in
active families homes and I love doing these. On Tuesday we went to
the H’s and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is probably
one of my favorite lessons to teach. I love how the Spirit works, I
love how much he teaches you while your teaching. I love all the
little thoughts and new ideas that "pop" into you mind as you teach
and testify.  We talked about the importance in the ordinances in
which we make covenants, that they are based off our faith and that's
how we receive the blessings. We trust that the covenants we make with
God are real and that when we make those covenants we are blessed. I
was reading an Ensign article that talked about a man who was in
remission from cancer. They talk about their testimonies being built
on truth and not the condition of if miracles follow. They do what the
Lord asks of them simply because He asked. He quotes Jeffrey R.
Holland, "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t
come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus
Christ, they come.” Faith can be a tough one. Sometimes we feel like
we are blindly making decisions and walking around, but when we trust
in Heavenly Fathers plan, we will always be guided according to His
     On Wednesday we met a former named A. She's 13 and has pretty
much gotten all the lessons. She wants to be baptized but her mom
won't let her until she is 16. So we are just going to keep coming by
and inviting her to activities, so once she's old enough she will be
ready! She is so sweet. As we talked with her, we could tell she just
wants a better life, she feels Gods love for her and wants to be
better. And that's exactly what this gospel does, it helps us be
Frozen yogurt stop! 

     We had great lesson with T. and A.! A couple in the ward came
with us and they bore powerful testimonies and were really able to
help them. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really
focused on Faith and Repentance. We invited Tom to come to the ARP
meetings to help him quit smoking and he said he would! He's under a
lot of stress right now so he's not sure if he's ready, but he does
want to quit, he just needs the right motivation. We're really not
sure where A. is. He's really quiet when he is there or else he's
getting up and down checking his email. But they both came to church
on Sunday which was super exciting. They only stayed the first hour,
but they seemed to enjoy it.

Heart attacking someones door

Church was really good on Sunday! We were asked to give two minute talks on "The Priesthood had been Restored" in primary. It was so much fun to be back in there with all the little ones! It brought me back to my days as a Sunbeam teacher. Then in 3rd hour it was combined because it was 5th Sunday. The bishopric talked about the importance of home teaching and missionary work. They showed a video of men  who would go over every night and help a disabled woman into her bed. They did this for 7 years. They talked about how sometimes we see service as a burden but really it's an an opportunity to change. This one man was seeing it as a burden, and when he recognized that something was wrong with that, he continued to serve her until he had a change of heart. D. Todd Christofferson said, "...As we serve others it is easier to find ourselves because there is more of us to find." I
believe this is true, as we give up ourselves, as we look outward, as
we don't focus on our wants and desires, we discover more of
ourselves, the greater parts of ourselves and we become more

Excited for this coming week! Hope everyone is doing well!
Sister Gore