Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Outta the MTC!

This week! I don't even know where to begin! We met a new investigator in what's called the TRC (nobody actually knows what it stands for) The thing is you don't know if they are a member or a real investigator! Which is Super cool! Well we could tell pretty early on she was a member but still taught her like she was a real investigator! She was real open and accepting of everything we taught her, even prophets and the Book of Mormon!! We didn't invite her to be baptized which we regret but she said she will go to church with her husband! We did though invite our PI (progressing investigator aka our teacher) to be baptized and he said yes!! I was super pumped and was shocked by how happy I was! We teach our last lesson tonight in the MTC to our very difficult for everyone PI so no one is looking forward to it. But it will be good and I should be more positive! 

I leave in 12 hours I REPEAT I WILL BE LEAVING THE MTC TOMORROW!!! yep thats right this Sister is flying out to Cali! We have to be at the travel office at 3:30am!!!!! ahhhhh so early no I haven't even started packing! I'm super excited to go to Roseville but also really nervous!! And really sad to leave my Zone!!
Sister Gore, Sister M. and their Branch President

Zone Picture

We did sealings in the Temple this morning and it was as beautiful as usual! 
I think what I have learned the most this week is how important it is to teach doctrine by the Spirit. My companion and I really struggled with that because we wanted to make lessons very personal we left out the most important part....the actual gospel. Now we were teaching correct principles but really what it was us bearing testimony and sharing experiences instead of helping her understand what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Pretty much the Spirit has to be there or it will just be a nice chat, because the Spirit testifies of Christ and of truth, so if we don't let the Spirit teach, they are going to get nothing out of it.

Last night we had a zone testimony meeting. I love my Zone! They are my family. They give me strength and I can't imagine the next eighteen months without them. The Spirit was there; my heart has never been so full of love, especially for people I've known for a week. When I can really feel the Spirit it’s like my heart is getting a hug! It's soooo awesome! I'd go as far as saying that Christ was with us, all there was love for Him and for each other. I know now that my timing in going was divine, essential, and perfect for me. If I didn't go now I wouldn't have met these perfect for me people. They have touched my life for the better and I am so grateful for their testimonies. We then watched the Joseph Smith movie and oh boy the church is so true!! I know it. I absolutely know it.

It's really hard to recap a week into one email in less than one hour!
I love you so much!
Keep being missionaries! 
Read the scriptures! Get as much out of them as you possibly can!
Pray! God loves YOU! He wants to hear from you! Talk to him!
I love my Savior! I love this Gospel! I love being able to share it!
Next time you hear from I will be in Cali
Shaka Brah!

Sister Gore


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MTC - Week 1: #thechurchissotrue

Oh my goodness the MTC is AMAZING! First off, I loved getting to see Sister Clark, Sister Gonzalez, Melanie and Melia!! They are the sweetest and I am sooo gratetful they were there when I got off the plane! Because since I flew into the SLC airport there was bound to be a missionary reunion. Not just one or two, like 10! and all the Elders were behind me, so I get on the infamous escalator and looked down and it is packed with families with posters screaming for their RMs! Boy was that hard! and then a few people came up to me and said "congrats welcome home" and I was like "oh no I enter the MTC today" then they would smile and say good luck. All in all the SLC airport is not my favorite place.
So then I entered the MTC and it was crazy because although I was scared, the second I walked in the building I was so focused and so excited! I actually met my companion when we checked in!! which was awesome! She is also going to Roseville! Her name is Sister Madsen, and trust me these companionship assignments are inspired because we work SOOO well together! The other two sisters in my district are Sister Ballard and Sister Christenen and they are going to Arcadia CA which is super sad because I just love them!! 

Sister Gore & Sister Madsen

District Sisters

The other new missionary district in our zone has 4 sisters going to Roseville and they are all amazing and I'm soooo excited to continue serving with them! The Elders in our Zone are super awesome you can just tell they want to give everything to the Lord and it is so inspiring and they are a 100% supportive of the sisters and ahhhh I just love everyone!
So in a zone there are usually 3-5 districts and that makes up a zone. So every zone has an Elder leader and then there are two Elder zone leaders and in the MTC there are Sister Training leaders who are "in charge" of all the sisters in the Zone! and guess which sisters got that assignment!? YEP Sister Madsen and I!!!! I"M SO EXCITED!! So pretty much on Wednesday we are getting 30 I repeat 30 new missionaries in our Zone, so me, Sister Madsen, Elder Balser and Elder Turner (the Zone leaders, welcome them and give them an orientation and a tour! and From then we just look after them, like if there are problems we report them to the branch president and stuff like that! We're nervous but really excited! I am also our groups travel leader, which means when we (9 missionaries which includes 3 elders I haven't met yet) fly to CA on the 24th I'm like the mom of the group which comes pretty naturally so I'm not really worried.
Zone Picture
Homesickness isn't even in my vocabulary (Sorry Mom). But this calling is literally divine and as missionaries we are giving blessings we can't receive anywhere else and I obviously have been extremely blessed with being able to stay focused on the Spirit and the needs of our investigators!
Speaking of which, right now we have two, really they are our teachers but their role plays are amazing!! They always base them off real people with those real struggles, when we pray for our investigators we are still praying for real people! We'll meet our TRC investigator on Wednesday which could be a member of the Church or a real investigator! I'm super excited!! 
I see Sister Evans (aka Sabrina aka my college neighbor) here all the time! our residence is on the same floor and so are our classrooms and we have lunch and dinner together!  She leaves tomorrow and I am super, super sad about it!! But she will be amazing and I'm so happy I can see her so often while we're both here.
Sister Gore and Sister Evans
I think the biggest thing I've learned is that this is not about me. I came on a mission with my own personal reasons and the only way to do that is for me not to focus on myself. We watched Elder Bednar's talk on Characters of Christ which you can only watch at the MTC and it's kind of a spiritual slap in the face, he literally says to get over yourself and look outward like Christ did, which is so true and the only way we can be an "effective" missionary is to do our best to be Christ like. I'm sorry I just word vomited on you but that's what’s happening!
OH please write me!! Go to Dear Elder.com and its free to send letters in the MTC and we check mail twice a day, so please send stuff it literally is one of my favorite times of the day!! Thank You so much for all of your love and support so far!
Love, Sister Gore
P.S. So my teacher said something I really liked instead of Missionary Training Center and tells us to think about it  as My Time with Christ!! Which is so true because the Lord is 100% here!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Well then...see you soon!

Can I just say that I have THE BEST WARD FAMILY EVER!! And I am not just saying that! I have lived in this ward since before I was born, many people have come in and out, but the Spirit of the ward is the same. I am filled with such love and gratitude for there never ending support. I am forever indebted to those who patiently and tirelessly taught me. I would not be who I am without this ward. 

Any whoo! Three more days! I cannot believe it!! I am sooooo excited to learn, and grow and be challenged. But definitely scared. It is such a strange feeling, being so excited and happy to go but at the same time, nervous and a little scared of the unknown whilst being sad to be leaving home, but also all while knowing the Lord is with you and that time will fly! I told you there were a lot of emotions and that's only some of them that I'm feeling!

I am grateful for my Savior! I am grateful for this Gospel, I don't know where I would be without it. I am so excited to help hasten the Lords work. I am honored with this responsibility. I know it will be hard, but I know the Lord is with me. I can't wait to help the people of Roseville come unto Christ.

Hopefully I can write again before, if not so long. My contact info is listed and Mom will be taking over!
  PS here are some pics of my face PC to my Dad! Also shout out to Mama Gore for throwing the best farewell/open house/party thing ever!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I leave in a week! Oh my I am excited! Before I leave I wanted to just put out a list of where I shopped for missionary clothes and other things I will need. I found a lot of other Sister missionary blogs helpful so I wanted to share any advice or knowledge I have gathered during this process.

First let me say that I am a shopaholic! I LOVE TO SHOP! But, shopping for missionary clothes wore me out, it's fun but exhausting! So start early! Even if you don't know exactly where your going yet, start collecting!

So here we go!
-DI & Salvation Army: Perfect for longer skirts, especially if you like vintage, pretty easy to find longer skirts, I found pretty much all of my skirts here!
-Target: Shirts, Camis, notebooks, note cards(for writing notes to people), messenger bag, athletic pants, watch 
-Costco: windbreaker/rain jacket, towels & wash cloth (plus free samples while you shop)
-Plato's Closet: I swear by this store! Found lots of shirts, cardigans, and accessories for super cheap\
-Nordstrom Rack: two pairs of Mary Jane Born flats (proselyting shoes) for half the price of online or at Nordstrom, still kind of pricey but you want good shoes since your walking all day
-Downeast: There "Mod bods" are what keep me sane, they make any top modest and its awesome! Kindof pricey but sometimes they have sales. Skirts and dresses are super cute too, good quality clothes
-My grandma: Yes, sadly I officially have a pair of grandma shoes, but they are one of the comfiest things I have ever put on my feet. The brand is Clarks, and if you do some digging at DSW or Nordstrom rack, or online you can find some cute styles

Sunday, November 1, 2015

So long, Farewell...

TEN MORE DAYS PEOPLE!! TEN MORE DAYS! So in honor of that, here is my farewell "talkamony" I gave today!

I was probably 15 or so and for the first time that I can remember we had sister missionaries in our ward. They ate dinner at our house one night and a tradition we have in our family is to ask new missionaries why they decided to serve a mission. I honestly have no idea what they said, but whatever it was made an impact.
I remember going up to my room after they left and just cried, because I think I knew then that serving a mission was something deep down inside I wanted to do. Being a human, I let fear in and pushed it out of my mind and from then on convinced myself that under no circumstances would I go. Obviously that has changed.
So I guess the second time I decided was at College. I went to BYU- Idaho for a year and when you attend a church school you are surrounded by prospective and returned missionaries. It’s infectious. So while all of my friends started their papers and got their calls, I waited and watched, still too afraid to start anything. The last thing I wanted was to go on a mission because all my friends were or for the attention.
For girls, it’s not asked of us to go, so it is completely our decision, which doesn’t mean it’s easier or doesn’t come with any pressure. In hopes to avoid that, I decided to wait until the end of the semester in April. I came home and that fear came crawling back in. So I put it off another two months until I gave in, pushed out the fear and started my papers. Best decision I have ever made. Since that day I’ve felt so close to my Father in Heaven and strive to have the Holy Ghost as my constant companion.
I decided to serve a mission because I have been so blessed by this Gospel and I can’t imagine what life is like without it.  I know that I have a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me. I have a brother who died for me, so that one day I can be with them again.  I am going to help people remember Christ and to come unto Him. We all knew Him before we came to earth, some of us just forgot, so that's my mission, to help others remember Christ. I have this knowledge and need to share it. Sharing the Gospel does not come naturally or easily to me, but I know that the Lord strengthens our weaknesses.
It took 3 weeks for me to get my call, which is normal time but it feels like forever. I remember opening my call, almost not wanting to read it because all the possibilities of where I could go would end. I had already decided in my heart that I would accept wherever I was sent, it did not matter to me. “I’ll go where you want me to go” I said I trusted in the Lord that He would place me where I needed to be.
 I was surprised when I opened my letter and it said I have been called to serve in the California Roseville mission and that I should report to the MTC on November 11th. Accepting this became a challenge to me not because of where but because of when. I had an extremely difficult time digesting the fact that I had 45 days to prepare. That’s a month and a half. I felt everything. Inadequacy, fear, unworthy, that I would go and fail, that it was too soon and I just could not do it. It was impossible. I became enveloped in self-doubt. I prayed for feelings of peace and help accepting my call but I didn’t feel any different. I remember driving to work one day and just thinking “I can’t do this, I just can’t do it.” It was then when I heard it, like you learn about in primary, a still small voice. He whispered one word, “Alone. You can’t do this alone”. I instantly knew that the Lord knew me, loved me and supported me. I had never heard him like that before but the Lord knows us and knows what we need to hear. I knew I made the right decision. I am grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost, I am grateful for his companionship during this hard time.
I know that He is the only way I can be an effective missionary. In Alma 26:12 we read, “Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.” I am just a vessel. The Spirit does it all, I just have to be prepared and worthy to receive it and act on it.

Preparing has been difficult but I am grateful for the blessings that come from being diligent. I am especially grateful for the blessings of the Temple. I never feel so much love than I do when I’m at the Temple. It is such a beautiful and sacred place and I’m a grateful we have one so close. It truly is the house of the Lord.
I have learned that the key to being strong in the gospel is the primary answers. Going to church, saying our prayers and reading the scriptures. They are absolutely necessary to growing our testimonies and keeping the commandments. By studying the scriptures and communicating with our Heavenly Father daily, we are putting on the armor of God. We prepare ourselves for whatever temptations may come or struggles we may have.
I am grateful for primary and my experience in it as a child and as a sunbeam teacher.  Those little ones know who Jesus is, they know He died for them and that He loves them. Primary helps plant the seed of faith that nourishes and grows as we learn. I am also grateful for seminary and my teachers who patiently taught me. I definitely took for granted having a class where you learn the gospel and feel the spirit daily. You don’t realize how awesome and important it is until you’re old and have to do it yourself, which is really hard.   
I am anxious and excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. I want to bare you my testimony that I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and restored the true church that is on the Earth today. I am thankful for our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who he leads and guides us as directed by our Heavenly Father. I know that Christ knows us and loves us each personally.  I have a testimony of the priesthood and am grateful for the blessings that I receive from it. I am grateful for my family, for there never ending love and support, that although I will be away for a short time, I will be with them forever. I love this gospel with all my heart and I am so excited to share it
I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.