Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Outta the MTC!

This week! I don't even know where to begin! We met a new investigator in what's called the TRC (nobody actually knows what it stands for) The thing is you don't know if they are a member or a real investigator! Which is Super cool! Well we could tell pretty early on she was a member but still taught her like she was a real investigator! She was real open and accepting of everything we taught her, even prophets and the Book of Mormon!! We didn't invite her to be baptized which we regret but she said she will go to church with her husband! We did though invite our PI (progressing investigator aka our teacher) to be baptized and he said yes!! I was super pumped and was shocked by how happy I was! We teach our last lesson tonight in the MTC to our very difficult for everyone PI so no one is looking forward to it. But it will be good and I should be more positive! 

I leave in 12 hours I REPEAT I WILL BE LEAVING THE MTC TOMORROW!!! yep thats right this Sister is flying out to Cali! We have to be at the travel office at 3:30am!!!!! ahhhhh so early no I haven't even started packing! I'm super excited to go to Roseville but also really nervous!! And really sad to leave my Zone!!
Sister Gore, Sister M. and their Branch President

Zone Picture

We did sealings in the Temple this morning and it was as beautiful as usual! 
I think what I have learned the most this week is how important it is to teach doctrine by the Spirit. My companion and I really struggled with that because we wanted to make lessons very personal we left out the most important part....the actual gospel. Now we were teaching correct principles but really what it was us bearing testimony and sharing experiences instead of helping her understand what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Pretty much the Spirit has to be there or it will just be a nice chat, because the Spirit testifies of Christ and of truth, so if we don't let the Spirit teach, they are going to get nothing out of it.

Last night we had a zone testimony meeting. I love my Zone! They are my family. They give me strength and I can't imagine the next eighteen months without them. The Spirit was there; my heart has never been so full of love, especially for people I've known for a week. When I can really feel the Spirit it’s like my heart is getting a hug! It's soooo awesome! I'd go as far as saying that Christ was with us, all there was love for Him and for each other. I know now that my timing in going was divine, essential, and perfect for me. If I didn't go now I wouldn't have met these perfect for me people. They have touched my life for the better and I am so grateful for their testimonies. We then watched the Joseph Smith movie and oh boy the church is so true!! I know it. I absolutely know it.

It's really hard to recap a week into one email in less than one hour!
I love you so much!
Keep being missionaries! 
Read the scriptures! Get as much out of them as you possibly can!
Pray! God loves YOU! He wants to hear from you! Talk to him!
I love my Savior! I love this Gospel! I love being able to share it!
Next time you hear from I will be in Cali
Shaka Brah!

Sister Gore


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