Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MTC - Week 1: #thechurchissotrue

Oh my goodness the MTC is AMAZING! First off, I loved getting to see Sister Clark, Sister Gonzalez, Melanie and Melia!! They are the sweetest and I am sooo gratetful they were there when I got off the plane! Because since I flew into the SLC airport there was bound to be a missionary reunion. Not just one or two, like 10! and all the Elders were behind me, so I get on the infamous escalator and looked down and it is packed with families with posters screaming for their RMs! Boy was that hard! and then a few people came up to me and said "congrats welcome home" and I was like "oh no I enter the MTC today" then they would smile and say good luck. All in all the SLC airport is not my favorite place.
So then I entered the MTC and it was crazy because although I was scared, the second I walked in the building I was so focused and so excited! I actually met my companion when we checked in!! which was awesome! She is also going to Roseville! Her name is Sister Madsen, and trust me these companionship assignments are inspired because we work SOOO well together! The other two sisters in my district are Sister Ballard and Sister Christenen and they are going to Arcadia CA which is super sad because I just love them!! 

Sister Gore & Sister Madsen

District Sisters

The other new missionary district in our zone has 4 sisters going to Roseville and they are all amazing and I'm soooo excited to continue serving with them! The Elders in our Zone are super awesome you can just tell they want to give everything to the Lord and it is so inspiring and they are a 100% supportive of the sisters and ahhhh I just love everyone!
So in a zone there are usually 3-5 districts and that makes up a zone. So every zone has an Elder leader and then there are two Elder zone leaders and in the MTC there are Sister Training leaders who are "in charge" of all the sisters in the Zone! and guess which sisters got that assignment!? YEP Sister Madsen and I!!!! I"M SO EXCITED!! So pretty much on Wednesday we are getting 30 I repeat 30 new missionaries in our Zone, so me, Sister Madsen, Elder Balser and Elder Turner (the Zone leaders, welcome them and give them an orientation and a tour! and From then we just look after them, like if there are problems we report them to the branch president and stuff like that! We're nervous but really excited! I am also our groups travel leader, which means when we (9 missionaries which includes 3 elders I haven't met yet) fly to CA on the 24th I'm like the mom of the group which comes pretty naturally so I'm not really worried.
Zone Picture
Homesickness isn't even in my vocabulary (Sorry Mom). But this calling is literally divine and as missionaries we are giving blessings we can't receive anywhere else and I obviously have been extremely blessed with being able to stay focused on the Spirit and the needs of our investigators!
Speaking of which, right now we have two, really they are our teachers but their role plays are amazing!! They always base them off real people with those real struggles, when we pray for our investigators we are still praying for real people! We'll meet our TRC investigator on Wednesday which could be a member of the Church or a real investigator! I'm super excited!! 
I see Sister Evans (aka Sabrina aka my college neighbor) here all the time! our residence is on the same floor and so are our classrooms and we have lunch and dinner together!  She leaves tomorrow and I am super, super sad about it!! But she will be amazing and I'm so happy I can see her so often while we're both here.
Sister Gore and Sister Evans
I think the biggest thing I've learned is that this is not about me. I came on a mission with my own personal reasons and the only way to do that is for me not to focus on myself. We watched Elder Bednar's talk on Characters of Christ which you can only watch at the MTC and it's kind of a spiritual slap in the face, he literally says to get over yourself and look outward like Christ did, which is so true and the only way we can be an "effective" missionary is to do our best to be Christ like. I'm sorry I just word vomited on you but that's what’s happening!
OH please write me!! Go to Dear and its free to send letters in the MTC and we check mail twice a day, so please send stuff it literally is one of my favorite times of the day!! Thank You so much for all of your love and support so far!
Love, Sister Gore
P.S. So my teacher said something I really liked instead of Missionary Training Center and tells us to think about it  as My Time with Christ!! Which is so true because the Lord is 100% here!

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