But what will I wear?

Ohhh kayyy
Where to even begin! First let me just say, if your going on a mission, buy Mod Bods, or the Downeast version because there cheaper, the are literally LIFE SAVERS!Now that I've gone through the Temple I don't know what I would do without them! They make anything you already own work, which makes shopping easier and cheaper. 
D.I. is probably the only reason I would want to live in Utah (No offense)! When I visited SLC with my Mom, we got 90% of my skirts from there, so if you have one near you, take advantage and GO! you can get 10 skirts for the price of one at Downeast or probably any other retail store! Speaking of which, I would advise in investing in a couple neutral colored skirts because they'll probably be worn the most (obliviously I don;t know from experience so don't take my word for it) Do not fret if you don't have D.I. (like me) Salvation Army is like the same thing, a beautiful beautiful thing!!  Which is AH MAY ZING! It is used clothing so it's okay to be picky because you need to look professional and they need to hold up for 18 months. Also Platos Closet. It a re-sale store for teens and young adults so they are selective about the brands they buy as well as very picky about the condition of the clothes.
The trickiest thing for me is definitely the shoes! Since I don't know if I will be biking, walking, or in  a car, I have to plan for the worst and hope for the best!
So far I have two pairs of Born Mary Janes in black and creme! They are Suuuper comfy, but breaking them in is killer. My band aid box is practically empty!

Disclaimer: outfits are not mine just ideas I am OBSESSED with

First up, stripped tees! I don't think I've worn anything else this entire week!! They are just so easy, versatile, and cuhhute! 

Really, I just used this picture for the boyfriend jeans!! I sadly only have one pair, but even though my mom hates them, I LOVE them!!

Mixing prints is always a good idea! For me the key is to balance out the colors and the pattern sizes! For example, in the picture below, the floral on the blazer is big and the stripes are little, so they balance each other out so its not overwhelming!

Okay first outfit! I'm new at this so please go easy on me! It combines everything I love! Ripped light wash denim, striped tee, oxfords and of course a big necklace!

This next one, I am absolutely OBSESSED with! I love mix and matching colors and patterns! Perfect for church or even a date!

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