Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 73: "Cast Out Your Nets."

Monday April 24, 2017

        This week was transfers! Sister Tsalagi headed up to Gridley so I hung out with some Sisters while I waited for Sister Kikel to come down from Anderson! We cleaned, dropped off clothes at a donation center; got ice cream with Nicole then met up at the mission office!!

   Sister Kikel is the bomb! We've only been comps for a week and we are already good friends!
Wednesday we went finding!! Per usual lol knocked SO many doors!!

      We then met with our awards Relief Society presidency to figure out how we can help! They are SO on the ball!! Like there isn't a Sister in the ward that they haven't tried to contact. So they gave us some names of sisters they only have addresses for and to go and see if they would like to receive the weekly newsletter. So we have attempting that! 

      After dinner we realized that we really needed to use the bathroom, so we went over to the K family’s home and ended up being there for about 45 minutes talking about all of their neighbors they would like is to visit.  Which was AWESOME!! We are super pumped that they are opening their mouths and sharing the gospel!

Thursday was an awesome District Meeting! Elder Lloyd asked me to give a spiritual thought! I thought long and hard and felt impressed to share the story at the end of John where Christ comes to His disciples while they are fishing. They continue to drop their nests but always come up empty. Then the Lord tells them to cast out their nets on the right side. They do and their net is full. I actually had a dream about this...God speaks in mysterious ways. I talked about how God is going to give us specific instruction on where we need to go to find those who are prepared! We just need to have an open and willing heart and be ready to act on whatever answer that we receive!

      That afternoon we did a "do or die" with D. We prayed before the lesson to clearly know if we should continue to teach him and let me tell ya it became crystal clear that his heart is not open to the gospel right now. It was so sad because the gospel had the answers to all his questions and concerns. I pray that some day he will soften his heart and listen!
Friday was our monthly car fast day! We weekly planned and then started walking! We live a mile or so outside our area, so it took us a bit to even get to a place where we could tract! But it was great to be out and about doing the Lords work! We knocked SO many doors but my favorite one was the neighbor to our dinner appointment, the R’s! The R’s are AWESOME! So missionaries are always in their home, so I assumed the entire street would have been tracked out. We decided to knock on their neighbor’s door and meet J. He has friends who are members and have kids on missions so we talked about missionary work. He told us that he sees missionaries in this neighborhood all the time, but that we were the first ones to knock on his door!! What?! He has literally been waiting for missionaries! I am so grateful we followed that prompting! The Lord is continually guiding us! Even though he is very involved in his church and isn't really interested, he won't forget that and neither will I!! 
On Saturday we met up with A. and a member family, the N’s! A. is from the Philippians and is not a member. We are teaching a recent convert named C. who is also from the Philippians. So, A. has offered to translate the lessons into Tagolog so that she can better understand! How cool is that?! We gave him the first pamphlet and invited him to read through it and to pray for guidance! I am so excited to see the miracles that come through this!

Well those are pretty much the highlights from this week! I hope y'all doing well!

Until next time, 

Sister Emily Gore

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