Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 75: God is Good!

Monday, May 8, 2017

P-Day pedicures

I cannot even believe that it's May already!! Where even the heck has time even gone! It's been one good week!

Tuesday was a day of service! We started at a thrift store called Compassion Planet! We cleaned and sized shoes! Fun! Then we went to a Chinese restaurant called Prime Wok. So.Much.Food. But it's so.good. Oh my gosh so full!

We then went over to N’s and made chocolate cups! We blew up balloons and dipped them in melted chocolate! So good! I just love N! She is so sweet!


That night we went over to the C family for dinner. They invited a couple less actives and a non member over too. It ended up being a 4 course meal of Indian food! So good! 

We had a family home evening lesson after. We sang "I Am A Child of God" then shared the new Restoration video that compiles the different accounts of Jospeh Smiths First Vision. It really brought the spirit. I love the Restoration and I never tire of hearing Joseph Smiths experience in the Sacred Grove. I know without a doubt in my heart that Joseph really saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ! I know that Christ church has been restored on to the earth today. I know that the power of God is in the earth and that it works miracles! I know God lives and loves us!

Wednesday was District Meeting! One of the Zone Leaders gave a really good spiritual thought about Prayers and the importance of pondering before and after we pray. We often fall into the habit of making them repetitive, but is it really a prayer if we say nice things to God then close our eyes and not think about it until the next night?! Not really. We need to act on what we ask for, act on our faith.

Then we went out for Sushi! I'm not big into raw things or fish but I got a roll with salmon, Avocado and cream cheese and it wasn't too bad! Yay for trying new things!!

After we get a text from the APs asking if we were busy and we didn't having anything set so we said no. Apparently they were both really sick and need some Emergen-C from President Marston who lives a few minutes from house. It was an interesting experience using the garage and going through his cabinets to find it! But hey got to serve right?! Haha it was pretty funny that the first time I have been in the mission home is when I broke in haha

Thursday was MLC day!! It was a bitter sweet day!! It was my last time in Gridley and I had to say a lot of "see you laters!" It was sad but I know I will be back someday and see all the wonderful people who have touched my life for good!
Here are just some of the highlights:
-"the Sabbath day is more important than Soccer in the long run"
-have an attitude of Faith when you're finding
-"it's a miracle that the door even opened"
-get straight to the Book of Mormon
-It takes a lot of humility to be exactly obedient 
-"you need the church and the church needs you"
-"[door approaches] can start awkward, but they don't need to end awkward."
-"Happy Missionaries are the best missionaries!"

I'm very grateful for the 7 months I was able to attend these meetings, feel the spirit and learn and grow, not only in the gospel but as a missionary!!
Sisters Gore & Kikel
Saturday we went on exchanges! Sister Rosa came with me in GB1 and we had a blast!! We helped C. pull weeds, ate lunch then hit the pavement! We did a ton of finding....per usual! Missions, they're great hahaha
Sisters Gore & Rosa

We tracted a street with only 3 houses and 1 house had no answer and the other two weren't interested...again missionary life! But we got some cute pics and had fun doing the Lords work!!

Sunday was Stake conference! I wasn't  very good at taking notes since they had coloring books available, but I listened don't worry I just can't remember anyone's names. One speaker talked about having faith with a capitol F! He said Faith is walking forward even if you can't see far ahead of you. Faith is trust that God knows you and has a plan for you individually! 

That afternoon we went around passing out invitations for the Relief Society dinner coming up! We had dinner with the Cl. family and their daughter is about 16 and had lots of questions about missions. She kind of wants to serve but isn't sure yet and she asked us why we came! It was awesome to share my "story" why with her and how I decided to come serve the Lord. It truly has been the best decision I have ever made. I hope that I could be just little bit of a positive influence on her! 

It was a good week!! They are beginning to fly and my mission is soon coming to an end. But I will forever be a missionary. My name tag my physically come off but it engraved on my heart.

Love you and thank you for your love and support!

Sister Emily Gore

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