Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 74: Miracles and real life

Monday, May 1, 2017
Well I'm a week behind (what's new) so this might be kind of short! Sorry! 
Monday Sister Kikel and I went shopping!! You might be thinking "Don't you come home soon? Why do you need more clothes?" I asked myself the same thing...I have a problem okay haha
We did the normal pday activities then went to a special fireside in Loomis with all the Rocklin and Lincoln missionaries! A man came who collects all these cool church and historic artifacts! So he had all these old copies of the Bible and even had a copy signed by Jospeh Smith! It was pretty fun, sorry there was so much stuff I can't remember all the details!

Wednesday we went finding, it was a super diligent day and it felt amazing to hit the grind and WORK!! I have come to work and to call it work! Man, it can be hard knocking empty doors all day, but ya know what? It is SO worth it! It's worth all the empty doors and tired feet to find the one who is open and prepared! NOTHING can replace or beat that feeling of joy!
That night we had a lesson with the H. family! The husband, W., is a member and the wife, D., is not and they have two adorable little girls! We shared Prince of Peace with them and asked D. how she has seen the gospel bless her family. She said church and God became more important when she had kids. She comes to church every week looks and acts like a member. We invited her to take the lessons but she politely declined. We were sad but Sister Kikel and I both have Faith that one day soon she will be prepared and her heart will soften.

Thursday was awesome! We went to Sunrise Retirement Center to massage old ladies hands and feet...yay for service! Sister Kikel hit her year mark so we all went to MOD! Love that place!! 

We went tracting and contacting and got a lot of "No Thank You's" but that's just part of the job! That night I again did My Plan! Have I told you about My Plan yet?! Well if I haven't yet, it's a "course" that you do the last 6 weeks of your mission to help you prepare to come home. You set goals and make plans to continue to grow in the gospel and progress in life in general! It is a life saver! Literally so helpful to just let myself think about home decisions! My feelings about coming home have been mixed. I don't know what I should feel. But I've had a lot of conversations about it with some missionaries and they all say that it's good to be excited!! I am excited to come home! I've worked hard and served well, and now this chapter of life is beginning to end another will begin! I'm excited for this next phase of life!!

Friday we planned and finally got to see J.!! We talked about some of his goals going forward! He has a lot of desires but not much motivation. Please keep him in our prayers! 

We had an awesome miracle Friday! The D.'s (awesome member family) moved to Utah, but as they were moving out they were able to have multiple gospel conversations with the new residents. So we stopped by to see if they were interested and oh my heck! Their names are L. and D.! L. keeps the Book of Mormon by her bed and reads it daily. D. hasn't started yet but he gave us their number and said "you have our number, please call us, we are very interested." We hope to meet with them soon!

Saturday was SO much fun! Our ward went to Folsom Lake and cleaned up drift wood and laid mulch in parking lot separators! We laid on the dock and put our feet in the water!! It was so fun!

I also got my trunky papers in the mail! They go along with My Plan and I pretty much write down some of my favorite experiences from my mission and write my goals for my future! 

It's strange to be a "dying" missionary!! Ahh not ready for the real world!! 

Okay I have two more emails to write so I'm gunna end here!! 

Love y'all SO much!! 

Sister Emily Gore

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