Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 77: "It's the final countdown!"

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

      Well folks this is going to be my last week as a missionary and so far so good, I haven't had a break down yet! So thank you for your prayers, because that is a miracle haha

      Tuesday we were able to meet with J. finally. Remember her from forever ago? It's been a while. We went through the Plan of Salvation with her and L. It was pretty eye opening to see that she really has no desire to act on the things that we learn. She is so sweet and kind but it going to stick with Catholicism. We used a visual aid that spelled out LOVE with the different points of the lesson and she showed us that her beliefs are similar but a little different. We are going to give her more opportunities to feel the spirit and we pray that over time she will open her heart a little more.

      That evening we went tracting!! We got straight "No's" but they were nice No's. Oh but one young man accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon so that was exciting.

       After passing out that one we had fire to pass put more!! So Wednesday morning we decided we would see how many copies of the Book of Mormon we could pass out though our car window!! It was quite the experience. We passed out 5 through the window in one day!!! We passed out one more that night to some guys playing ping pong! So 6/8 people accepted a copy!!! It was SO awesome!! So now when we drive around we keep a copy in our lap in case we see someone we can give it too. A member told us later that Brigham Young said something like, every Book of Mormon leads to baptism!! I'll probably never see the results from this, but God will.

      Thursday was our half mission conference in Lincoln! We talked all about finding and having the faith to find!! Finding is the struggle but it is also AMAZING!! I left all my notes at home sorry, but I gave my departing testimony and that was weird. It was amazing to see some many people who made an impact on me and who I have become! The mission has changed me...well Christ has changed me! I am forever grateful for my mission. 

Friday we weekly planned in the sunshine and I got a nice missionary tan line now yay 👌🏻☀🤗

         On Saturday Brother Pettey invited us and a few other companions to come over for lunch and a little Devotional. He showed us the video "Seek the higher ground." He talked about how we've been on high ground, we are disciples of Christ doing His work full time. He encouraged us to continue to "seek the high ground" through the righteous habits that we have developed while we've been out. It does little good to learn all these things and then not apply them when we go back to "the real world." Once a missionary, always a missionary. 

       On Sunday we went to go see the Darsts (That amazing referral from the Dougan's)! Well long story short, they aren't interested anymore 😭 that was hard to hear. A Sister in Zone conference spoke about how sometimes we are the ones to prepare them, not to teach them and reminded us that no matter how "golden" people seem, they have their agency. Sometimes agency stinks...hahah jk agency is awesome. I pray that one day they will have the faith and desire to come to know their Savior even more!

I plan on sending an email next week but no promises. Know that I love the Lord and I love you!

Sister Emily Gore

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