Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I leave in a week! Oh my I am excited! Before I leave I wanted to just put out a list of where I shopped for missionary clothes and other things I will need. I found a lot of other Sister missionary blogs helpful so I wanted to share any advice or knowledge I have gathered during this process.

First let me say that I am a shopaholic! I LOVE TO SHOP! But, shopping for missionary clothes wore me out, it's fun but exhausting! So start early! Even if you don't know exactly where your going yet, start collecting!

So here we go!
-DI & Salvation Army: Perfect for longer skirts, especially if you like vintage, pretty easy to find longer skirts, I found pretty much all of my skirts here!
-Target: Shirts, Camis, notebooks, note cards(for writing notes to people), messenger bag, athletic pants, watch 
-Costco: windbreaker/rain jacket, towels & wash cloth (plus free samples while you shop)
-Plato's Closet: I swear by this store! Found lots of shirts, cardigans, and accessories for super cheap\
-Nordstrom Rack: two pairs of Mary Jane Born flats (proselyting shoes) for half the price of online or at Nordstrom, still kind of pricey but you want good shoes since your walking all day
-Downeast: There "Mod bods" are what keep me sane, they make any top modest and its awesome! Kindof pricey but sometimes they have sales. Skirts and dresses are super cute too, good quality clothes
-My grandma: Yes, sadly I officially have a pair of grandma shoes, but they are one of the comfiest things I have ever put on my feet. The brand is Clarks, and if you do some digging at DSW or Nordstrom rack, or online you can find some cute styles

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