Monday, June 20, 2016

week 27: #Faithtokeepgoing

June 6, 2016
     Another great week here in Lincoln!! It is starting to get so hot
here! But we will survive.

     Wednesday Sister Smith and I went on exchanges in my area!! I
love Sister Smith! We reminisced about Redding and talked about old
times! We ended up finding a new investigator while we tried to
contact a less active! It was actually a miracle. We knocked on the
door and we expected a woman to answer, but a man named B. answered the door. We introduced ourselves and asked if we could share the #Hallelujah video and he actually said yes. We asked him about his
relationship with God and he said he has a belief but doesn't go to
church. We testified of the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it.
He said not right now but he said we could come back and share more
messages with him! We plan to go back soon and hope that he will be

    We also got to see a few potentials. We saw P. and A. They are an older couple and A. has a lot of health issues and is now bed stricken. She really can't do anything for herself. It was beautiful to see how much P. loves her. He just endlessly loves her and serves her.
We had a really good lesson with T. and A. that night. T. got a little offended at church, because he didn't have church clothes and
felt like people were judging him. We explained that the church is
filled with imperfect people, we are all trying to be like Christlike
but we all fall short. He really appreciated that. We read a chapter
from the Book of Mormon with them. We talked about Spirit and how he speaks to us in different ways and that he will always testify of
truth! Which was awesome because that's what we talked about in
district meeting that morning! We were able to testify of the
Atonement and how much this gospel has blessed our lives. They are
awesome and I'm excited to continue to see their testimonies grow.

    So numbers don't really matter, but they matter haha. And we were
able to double our numbers from last week! It was awesome! It's
amazing to see Gods hand when you are willing to do your part by being
diligent and work hard! He truly does add power to our efforts.

Sisters who all served in Redding, CA together - reunited...kindof

    This week was MLC and Sister Watson sent up my favorite food for
my birthday, Asparagus and Mayo!! (Sounds weird, but trust me it's
really good) And I got a little package from Nicole! It was so sweet
of both of them to think of me and it totally made my week!!
I'm so grateful for my time here. I'm starting to see how short of
a time I have. I hit 7 months on Saturday, and that is crazy to me!
Lincoln has been a tough area, but I know the Lord has things for me
to learn here and I know that I am supposed to be here at this time
for a reason.

I know this church is true and that God loves us!

Sister Gore

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