Thursday, June 9, 2016

week 24: #ByebyeRedding

      Where in the world did these 6 weeks even go? They have flown by
that's for sure. Well my time in Redding is over. That's right folks,
after 6 months of banishment I am headed down south to Lincoln to be
with Sister M! She just finished training and I'm super excited!
It's bittersweet. I'm so sad to leave Redding, it has become another
home. The other missionaries have become family and I just love the
people and members here! But I am excited to move on and start a new

     Thursday Sister T and I were invited to go to the special
MLC with Elder Allan F. Packer and his wife. It was so so good.
Something that I noticed was a theme was the importance of having the
Spirit with us always. We do this by studying the scriptures and
praying for guidance from the Lord. We have to learn how the Spirit
speaks to us and practice listening and obeying those promptings.
Something I have come to learn is that if we are prepared, we are much
more confident in the promptings that we receive. He talked about how
there are more people to baptize than we think there are, we just have
to be diligent to find them.

       We then had a half mission conference where he spoke to us
again, which was amazing. Sister Packer and President and Sister
Marston also spoke to us. I love learning from each of them. They are
truly are called of God.
Elder Packer also talked about the difference between a testimony and
conversion. When you have a testimony you know it's true and you feel
that it is. When you are converted you DO something with the knowledge
and feelings you have, as a result, you become something greater than
you were before.

     Saturday we tried less active hunting again! Lots of people
weren't home, but we were able to talk to the R Family! We learned
that they're actually completely active, but they have a 10 year
granddaughter who isn't a member but wants to be baptized but
her mom won't let her. She is such a sweet girl and broke my heart
hearing her desire to come closer to our Savior but her mom won't
allow it. We encouraged her to keep being a good example to her mom
and keeping praying and one day, her mom will let her be baptized.

     On Sunday HECTOR RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD! So he will bless the
Sacrament next Sunday! I'm sad I won't be there, but so excited for
the blessings that are in store for him and his family!

Excited for this next week of changes and new adventures!

Love you so much!

Sister Gore

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