Sunday, May 8, 2016

week 23: #tooamazingforahashtag

Alright this week was soooo good! I am a firm believer that the Lord
adds power to our efforts! (You are not in the work alone Henry B.
Eyring) at Zone meeting we set a goal to find 12 new investigators
this month. The other companion ships said ranges like 3, 6 and 9. And
Sister Taylor and I looked at each other and in unison said 12. The
rest of the zone kind of laughed but we felt really good about it. As
the month went on, I wasn't sure if we would be able to do it. But as
we were diligent, we were able to find 5 investigators this week
reaching our goal of finding 12 for the month. It was a daunting
number, higher than the rest and higher than I thought possible. But
when we have faith and are willing to work for the Lord, he
strengthens us and enables us to do His work.
So let me tell you about a couple of these investigators. Well we went
back to see N., and his mom, G., the original potential we
were trying to find, was there. So we help her carry in groceries and
started talking. We showed them the Because of Him video and N’s
dad, N. walks in and starts watching it. And before anyone could say
anything, N. asks, "Now how do you know that is true?" We talked a
lot about Faith and how sometimes we can't see Gods hand in the
moment, but when we step back and look at the bigger picture He is
always there. N. was so awesome, he bore such powerful testimony
of the divinity of God and how much He blesses us. N., believes that
God has sometimes blessed him, but that any success he's had comes
from himself or from the ideas, talents and skills of man. But he was
willing to read from the Book of Mormon and pray about it. G. on
the other hand is a believer that Gods hand is in all things and sees
the blessings he has given her. But she wasn't so willing to read from
the Book of Mormon, but we gave her one anyways and pray she has the
faith to try it.
Then two days later we were tracting and met M.! She is so
funny! When we rang her doorbell she was in the backyard working on
her catio!! So when she walked in, we scared her and she screamed and
that scared us so we screamed and then laughed. So she let us in and
we chatted. Oh you may be wondering, "what in the world is a catio?"
It's a cat patio. She made an enclosed patio for her two cats! She
even has a tunnel from the sliding screen door to the "catio!" She's a
super spiritual lady and believes that the God head is three separate
beings and really sees how much the Lord has blessed her. We showed
her The Because of Him video and she loved it!! She said we could come
back anytime to share more! 

ACACIO'S WERE BAPTIZED!!!!! It was such an amazing baptism. Over 60
people came and it was completely in Spanish except for when Sister
Taylor and I taught the Restoration! The Spirit was so strong it was
so beautiful. When we were taking pictures before, Hector Jr was so
excited to get baptized he kept trying to run away yelling it's time
to get baptized!!! Then on Sunday they were confirmed in Spanish and
all 3 of them bore their testimonies! I love that family so much! They
have so much faith to do what the Lord has asked. I am so grateful to
know them and to have this opportunity to teach them, even though it
really wasn't me, it was all the Lord. Even though I really didn't
know what anyone was saying, the Spirit was so strong and undeniable.
I love being a missionary, I love sharing the Gospel. I love seeing
people change their lives and turn closer to Christ.
Love y'all! Have a great week!
Sister Gore🙌🏻

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