Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 26: #findingtheone

May 30th, 2016

    This week was wonderful! Lincoln is a cool place! Every Tuesday
and Thursday we do service at this place called the Salt Mine. It's a
church/food closet/store. Their primary goal is to feed the hungry. We
help with the food line, but mostly stack and unstack chairs for bible
study. Best part is we get to wear pants
but really everyone
there is super nice.
          A lot of our work here right now is building member trust. A few
  companionship's back, the relationship between the members and
missionaries in this ward was damaged, so we are trying to rebuild
that relationship and build up their trust to get referrals and help
them be more missionary minded. So we have been doing lessons in
active families homes and I love doing these. On Tuesday we went to
the H’s and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is probably
one of my favorite lessons to teach. I love how the Spirit works, I
love how much he teaches you while your teaching. I love all the
little thoughts and new ideas that "pop" into you mind as you teach
and testify.  We talked about the importance in the ordinances in
which we make covenants, that they are based off our faith and that's
how we receive the blessings. We trust that the covenants we make with
God are real and that when we make those covenants we are blessed. I
was reading an Ensign article that talked about a man who was in
remission from cancer. They talk about their testimonies being built
on truth and not the condition of if miracles follow. They do what the
Lord asks of them simply because He asked. He quotes Jeffrey R.
Holland, "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t
come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus
Christ, they come.” Faith can be a tough one. Sometimes we feel like
we are blindly making decisions and walking around, but when we trust
in Heavenly Fathers plan, we will always be guided according to His
     On Wednesday we met a former named A. She's 13 and has pretty
much gotten all the lessons. She wants to be baptized but her mom
won't let her until she is 16. So we are just going to keep coming by
and inviting her to activities, so once she's old enough she will be
ready! She is so sweet. As we talked with her, we could tell she just
wants a better life, she feels Gods love for her and wants to be
better. And that's exactly what this gospel does, it helps us be
Frozen yogurt stop! 

     We had great lesson with T. and A.! A couple in the ward came
with us and they bore powerful testimonies and were really able to
help them. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really
focused on Faith and Repentance. We invited Tom to come to the ARP
meetings to help him quit smoking and he said he would! He's under a
lot of stress right now so he's not sure if he's ready, but he does
want to quit, he just needs the right motivation. We're really not
sure where A. is. He's really quiet when he is there or else he's
getting up and down checking his email. But they both came to church
on Sunday which was super exciting. They only stayed the first hour,
but they seemed to enjoy it.

Heart attacking someones door

Church was really good on Sunday! We were asked to give two minute talks on "The Priesthood had been Restored" in primary. It was so much fun to be back in there with all the little ones! It brought me back to my days as a Sunbeam teacher. Then in 3rd hour it was combined because it was 5th Sunday. The bishopric talked about the importance of home teaching and missionary work. They showed a video of men  who would go over every night and help a disabled woman into her bed. They did this for 7 years. They talked about how sometimes we see service as a burden but really it's an an opportunity to change. This one man was seeing it as a burden, and when he recognized that something was wrong with that, he continued to serve her until he had a change of heart. D. Todd Christofferson said, "...As we serve others it is easier to find ourselves because there is more of us to find." I
believe this is true, as we give up ourselves, as we look outward, as
we don't focus on our wants and desires, we discover more of
ourselves, the greater parts of ourselves and we become more

Excited for this coming week! Hope everyone is doing well!
Sister Gore

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