Thursday, June 9, 2016

week 25: #HelloLincoln


      This week was crazy in many ways! I left Redding and moved to
Lincoln. It was kind of tough leaving what I called home for 6 months.
I knew and loved people, and fell in love with the area, and the other
missionaries became my closets friends. So saying goodbye to Redding
as a missionary, was hard. But Sister Memmott is so amazing and
Lincoln is beautiful in its own way. No mountains which is really sad,
but BEAUTIFUL sunsets so that makes me happy. I can tell I am going to
love it here!

Sister Memmott and Emily
When I first got here, there was a fire so we had to take a
different route to the apartment. I had been in Lincoln for 5 mins and
I was already causing trouble haha
😂 so we unpacked a little then
went to dinner. We ate at the H.'s home and for the first time on my
mission I ate lasagna. It was delicious. I only say that because my
last two comps were gluten free so most of the time we had taco salad.
While we were talking, we discovered that Dad and Sister H's
brother served in the same mission at the same time! What are the
odds? It was a very very small and simple thing, but it was just a
little way Heavenly Father showed me that I am in the right place!

     That same night, we went to see a former investigator. They
opened the door and actually let us in. They are a young family and
were eating dinner but they said we could come in and share a message.
We later found out that the wife is a less active and the dad isn't a
member. They said we could keep coming back whenever they are home. So
on my first day in Lincoln we picked up a new investigator!!
 I also got to meet our two investigators, T. and A. They are
father and son and have been investigating since Easter. Tom really
wants to get baptized but needs to quit smoking and wants to be
baptized with A., but A. isn't ready yet. They are both super nice
and want to follow Christ. I've only had one lesson with them, but
they seem pretty solid so I am excited to get to know them better!

     Okay another moment where it's just a small world. Sister C.
who is serving with Sister S. in the 3rd Ward is from Vienna,
Virginia! We figured out that we were at the same Mormon Prom and the
youth celebration and she lives in Fairfax County!!Like what!?! We
both got really excited haha! And there's and Elder from Maryland so
it's nice to people to talk about east coast things with.

      On Wednesday, we taught some of the youth in the 3rd Ward how to
teach the Restoration! It was so cute. They all received mission calls
to the CRM and mutual was the MTC and they all had name tags and
designated JR and SR companions. Next week they will go into members
homes and teach them the Restoration! How cool is that?! The spirit
was really strong and it was neat to see their desire to share the
gospel even at this young age. I loved being to testify to them of the
Restoration and share some of my experiences when teaching.
One of my goals this transfer is to work with the youth more. We
started taking the young women out with us in Redding and it was so
much fun! So that's something I want to do here as well. The Sisters
made such an impact on my desire to serve and I hope I can maybe help
young women see that they serve a mission if they want to.

      This week I listened to Sister Neill F. Marriott's talk "What
shall we do?" She said" We build the kingdom when we nurture others.
However, the first child of God we must build up in the restored
gospel is ourselves. Emma Smith said, “I desire the Spirit of God to
know and understand myself, that I might be able to overcome whatever
of tradition or nature that would not tend to my exaltation.” We must
develop bedrock faith in the Savior’s gospel and move forward,
empowered by temple covenants, toward exaltation." And I just really
liked that. We need to make sure are feet are firmly planted and we
know where we stand, before we help others. We also must be also
watching our selves and seeing where we can improve and remove those
habits that are not bringing us closer to the Savior. We don't need to
be perfect but we need to be always improving.
  I love being a missionary. I love being able to testify of my Savior
every single day. I want to encourage you to find ways each day you
can share the gospel with someone.
Sister Gore

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