Sunday, August 14, 2016

week 35: "As I have loved you"

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Sister Gore & Sister Price

This week was insane, but not really.
It started off really well, I can honestly say it was one of my
favorite Pdays! We played a hilarious game of tele-strations, did yoga
while listening to jazz Christmas music and had a Christmas in July

We had the senior FHE that night but had to leave early because we had
a lesson with the A. family! We got there and they weren't we tried some more people who didn't answer then headed

So Sister P. received permission to teach her grandmother over
Skype with the sister missionaries in Ohio! So we had one of those
lessons with her! It was great; we talked about Temples and eternal
families! She even prayed at the end of the lesson!!
The rest of the day we spent finding, and no one was home or
interested...except for a man named R. he said we could come back!!

BUT... Nicole, Tyler and Sister Brunner came to Lincoln and took us
out for Chinese food!! It was sooo good to see her and just laugh!!
There are no such things as coincidences! It is not by chance that I
was called to serve in one of my best friends missions. I am still
trying to figure out what the bigger purpose is. Maybe it's simply
another way to show me that Gods hand is in all things or maybe just a
little tender mercy. Or maybe, there's a much bigger picture and I
won't see the reason till later.

Wednesday was the best! We had interviews with President. It was the
best interview ever. This transfer has been a tough one for me, for
multiple reasons. I could tell that he cares about me and my happiness
and what will help me be more effective. He definitely has the gift of
discernment. He knew exactly how I was feeling without having to say
it. I know that I am in the right mission and I know that God works
though people in our lives to help and guide us!

We then had a lesson with the W's! They are an older couple that
live in Loomis and requested Sisters! All of their family are members
and so they are practically Mormon. She had a few personal concerns
that we were able to answer! She said she had been pondering these
things for a long time and they were really bothering her, but that at
the end of our visit she felt really good about it. We asked G, what her
thoughts on the Book of Mormon were. She said she loves it, she reads
 it each night and it bring her so much peace! We were like oh my
heck are you for real?! It was amazing! We challenged her to pray to
 know if it is true! She said she would, we hope to talk about baptism
with them on Saturday when we see them next!

Thursday we went in exchanges!! I went with Sister S. in her area!
We had a blast as usual! We had some really great lessons where we
were able to testify of the Book of Mormon and challenge them to pray
about it! The spirit was strong that day! Miracles happen on

Oh bonus! Sisters’ C. and P. were able to meet with T. and A! They
want to take the lessons again and want to be baptized!! We are super
excited to formally start meeting with them again!

So I have learned a lot about Grace and Gods love this transfer. MUCH
more than I expected. I knew I would need the Lords help with this
transfer especially, but I didn't realize what kind of of love I would
feel. I know that God loves us and that he places people in our lives
for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything is timed perfectly.
I know that God has a plan for me and all of us, much, much better
than the one we may planned for ourselves.
Oh miracle time! We got to see B. again! Okay I'll give you a
refresher on B! When Sister M. was here we kept trying this
home where we thought a less active member lived. I was on exchanges
with Sister S. when B. came to the door. He let us share a message
and I just figured it was a part member situation. Well a couple weeks
later a woman answers the door so we ask her if she is the person we
were looking for. She said no and that she is not interested (it's always
awkward when one spouse is interested and the other isn't) Well is
weekend, we went to visit someone else (who actually said we could
come back yay!) well we parked the car by B’s house to figure out who
to see next. I kept getting this feeling like we should see Bob, but I kept
pushing it off because he looked really busy. We drove away and the
impression kept coming, I couldn't shake it. So I turned the car around
and we went back. He was mowing his lawn but we stood on his porch and
chatted. We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with him. He
said he slowly wants to start getting back into religion but isn't
ready for a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said we are more than
welcome to keep coming by. Although he didn't take a Book of Mormon, I
know he felt the Spirit. I'm so glad Heavenly Father trusted me with
that promoting to go see B. that day!
The bishopric asked us to give talks in Sacrament meeting. So we spoke
on Sunday on the plan of Salvation! It went really well! T and A even came
to church to hear us speak!
It went super well!!

I love being a missionary! I'm excited for whatever this next has in store!
Love you so much!!

Sister Gore

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