Sunday, August 14, 2016

week 36: Expecting the unexpected

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Alrighty wow! Ready to hear about an insane week!?
First off, there is an article on called, "The gift of being
broken." I love this article! Although I don't consider myself broken
or even dealing with that major of a trial, these past couple
transfers have been tough but I have learned so much from my Heavenly
Father! I was thinking that maybe I wasn't just supposed to open my
heart to love my companions, but maybe I need the broken heart to let
God in, to feel His love again, to apply the Atonement better. I truly
feel like this experience has prepared me for future things. I have
learned that life is better when I rely open heartedly on the Lord!
Sister Gore & Sister C.

District Lunch
On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister C! We went to
her area and it was so much fun! We did service in the morning like
usual and went to MOD pizza as a district for lunch!! I love MOD so I
was so happy to go before I leave! We ran into some nice ladies who
used to be Mormon and both of them said that missionaries could stop
by to visit with them! I truly have a testimony in the perfect timing
the Lord has! It's all about following promptings and being where you
are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there.

     We switched over to my Ward and had dinner with the H’s! They
told us an adorable story, that I can't remember all the details of
and gave us each $2 bills! It was too fun! I love the H. family and
will miss them!
The H's
     Wednesday we met a Buddhist lady named P she is so kind.
She really isn't interested in learning about the gospel, but she
does enjoy discussing similarities and differences between Christianity
and Buddhism! It was a great time and maybe one day she will be ready!
We had a great lesson with T and A on Temples and Families!
They both want to be baptized eventually but they aren't ready yet.
But I know that it is in the Lords hands and that in His timing, it
will happen!
          That night was Dining Divas for the Relief Society! We went to the
B’s home for the meeting and it was like a mini art gallery! Everyone brought
their favorite art and little snacks to share! It was so fun to look at and discuss
art again! I have missed it! Brother B. is even a photographer! So we had a
lot to talk about! His grandfather was a photographer too and even took
 pictures of the earthwork in San Fran in the 1900's! It was so neat!
     On Thursday Sister N. joined us!! She is such a sweetheart!!
That day we were able to meet Brother J. someone we have been trying
to see forever!! #Miracle
     That night we had dinner with Sister F and her two little girls! She
study psychology in college so we talked about sleep patterns and
dreams!! It was really neat! She is sooooo spiritual!! She always wants
 to have the Spirit with her and I can tell she always follows promptings
 and wants to be close with the Lord!
After a long week of waiting, we finally found out what's happening
with transfers! And I am leaving!
    So then after a long 24 hours we find out where I am going and
drum roll please......I'm going to Auburn to double-cover-shot-gun
train!! So that means that the two elders that were there are leaving
and me and my greenie will take over the Auburn 3rd Ward and Forest
Hill Branch! Woah! I'm excited! But really nervous! Lots of prayers
please!  I was in complete shock when I saw the transfer board! I know
that the Lord trusts me and that he will guide me as to how to help my
    So this weekend has been full of goodbyes, pictures and attempting
to figure out rides...still not sure how I'm going to get to my new house
or the mission office for the meeting and to pick her up...but it will
all work out!!
Lots of goodbyes to favorite families! 

Love you all lots! Thank you so much for your prayers, love,
encouragement and support!!
Love ,
Sister Gore
Ps I hit my 9 month this week! 

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