Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 66: I will seek the Lord

Monday March 6, 2017      

This week was a blast, but also bitter sweet since it is my last in Good ole Gridley. We had an awesome pday! We had a bonfire at the church and roasted hotdogs and made s'mores! We had dinner wit the Eccles and had FE with them. They have a tradition of doing an obstacle course with the missionaries. It was a little tough in skirts but we made pretty good time! I just love them

       Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister L. She is in her first transfer of being trained and has a lot of fire. She's from South Carolina so it was fun to be with a fellow east coaster! 

     We had a blast! I think my favorite miracle from that day was when we were trying to see a former. She opened her door and told us she was of another faith and to find someone else. So we headed back to the car when Sister L sees a man working in his yard and asks if we should talk to him. So we go over and ask if he needs any help. We introduce ourselves and he sets up a time for us to come back. Next Wednesday at 10:30 am! It was pretty cool!

       We switched back mid afternoon and went to our lesson with Beau. We talked about the Apostasy and the restoration of the priesthood and used Skittles! We made groups of the colorful candy but only one group and one green skittle to represent what makes the gospel special and stand out from all the rest. It's the Priesthood! The authority to act in Gods name! He loved the lesson. He's usually a pretty quiet kid, but today he was smiling, answering and even read from his children's Book of Mormon! He's a rockstar and such a cutie! 

   Wednesday was unsuccessful finding and helping Sister McD put up curtains...

         Thursday was one of my favorite days! It's MLC day!! Sister C and I joked that this one was a spiritual slap in the face! It gave us so much inspiration as to how we can help our investigators. We discussed the Holy Ghost, his role in teaching (he's the real teacher) and qualifying and being worthy of the spirit. Here's some of the notes I took:

-Act on the faith you want to have

-A man will get nearer to God by abiding by the precepts taught in the Book of Mormon

-Obedience = confidence

-Alma 17:2-3; diligently searching, much prayer and fasting, waxing strong in the faith is a process, we are blessed with the spirit of revelation and prophecy as we do these things

-D&C 4:5-7 eye single to the glory of God, faith, hope, purpose, prayerful, temperate, humble, patient, kind

-We are the vessels! The spirit works through us, we must be worthy. "Do you want to bring the spirit in a teaspoon or a boatload?" -Sister Marston

-It's so important to listen to the spirit, even when we are repeatedly lead to empty doors. "We might have a million failures, but we have a two second window [for a miracle] and we have to qualify for that." 

-You can't sit around waiting for promptings, He will guide the feet that are already moving
Sister Gore & Sister Price

Sister Canann & Sister Gore

Sisters Gore, Taylor & Cowden

All the Sisters who ever served in Liberty

Gridley Zone missionaries

       There were a lot of my good friends going home this transfer. It's always bittersweet but I'm grateful for each of their examples to me, they have truly helped make me a better missionary and person. I am also so grateful for their friendship and patience! They were amazing missionaries and I know they will continue to do wonderful things back at home! 

        Friday was a special day for me. President Marston allowed me to Skype Papa & Pam after they were sealed. It was emotional and my heart was full of love and joy. They were just so happy! I was able to bear my testimony to them of the Plan of Salvation and my love for the Savior! I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and that He has a plan for each of us. He places people in our path at perfect moments. He knows us so personally! I know that we can all be together forever because of the priesthood power that has been restored to the earth. I know that Christ's Atonement made this possible, because He overcame death, so will we. I love my family and I'm excited to see them all again someday!

        Saturday I had my last MCM with Brother E! He's the best and I'm grateful for all his wisdom. His advice for me was to go in with no expectations except for myself. I decided that I would have a clear and open mind about wherever I was sent and whoever I was assigned to be companions with.

        After we headed over to the church to participate in a painting class that the Relief Society was putting on. We painted a beach scene and I learned that painting actually scenes or things is not a talent of mine hahaha But it was fun to get to know the Sisters and see everyone's style. Everyone's was different and unique.

         That night we had a District dinner with a family in the Gridley first Ward. We all made individual pizzas! So yummy! We then headed over to Oroville for our transfer Devotional. And it's official I'm leaving ☹️ I love this area so much so it's tough thinking about leaving.

        Sunday was good. I didn't tell a lot of people I was leaving...oops. But we pretty much just made the rounds of saying "see ya later" to some of my favs! The email came out that night and I am going to Granite 1st Ward with Sister T! She served with Sister D and she is very happy and energetic about the work! It will be a good place to finish off my mission!

       I'm so grateful that God chose me to come to California and right now, to come to Gridley. My heart is full of love for these people, we have so many progressing so I know I will be back soon! 

    Love y'all so much! Count your blessings this week and look for Gods hand! He loves you!


Sister Emily Gore

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