Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 67: I don't think I'm in Gridley anymore

Monday March 13, 2017

Greetings from Granite Bay California! This is polar opposite from a Gridley...In almost every way. 

Monday we cleaned, packed and went to Ice Bergies for lunch and milkshake Monday! We met up in Oroville for basketball and signing journals! Gridley zone has been one of my favorites, we became a little family! 

Tuesday we got up bright and early for soccer! I've come to love it even though I hate the mornings. Brother E stopped by for one last selfie. He reminded me that, "Missionary work is not about what we do but who we are."

We spent the morning cleaning and packing and saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to Sister O and Sister C was hard. We became sisters, we went through so much together and I'm gonna miss all of our fun adventures and shenanigans! Sister C and I headed down to the mission office so I could meet my new companion. I probably cried half the way down. Gonna miss this place.
Sister Cowden & Sister Gore

I met Sister T and got to see some other good friends!! She's very bubbly and excited so I'm excited to work with her!
Sister Gore & Sister Tsalagi! It's definitely going to prepare me for home.

We dropped off my stuff and headed to a lesson with a recent convert and his family! We talked about the Word of Wisdom and all committed to pray about a goal to set that will help us keep the word of wisdom better. I decided that I am going to eat more fruits and veggies and less sugar! I'd invite each of you to pray about how you can better live this commandment of God. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator named Taylor. Okay funny story! I met Taylor when I was in Lincoln! Her grandparents were in my ward and they had us over for dinner while she was visiting them! Coincidence, I think not! God works in mysterious ways! She wasn't in a very good mood but we talked about putting God as our number one priority and that when we do, all works out for our good. Something that my seminary teacher, Sister Clark, invited us to do was study our scriptures before we did homework. I really saw how this helped me learn and focus. We invited her to do the same. She said she would's better than not haha

That night we had dinner with two girls who just got back from their missions last week! Nikayla and Sophia are still on fire and want to help us in any way they can! We had a blast and planned to go on splits soon!
Nikayla, Sisters Gore & Tsalagi

Thursday we went to volunteer at a senior center! We played bingo! It was a blast. Later we took Nikayla out with us to go tracting. We didn't have much success and people weren't very nice to us. But we were able to get some tips and meet a member of our ward.

That night we met James. Oh my goodness this man is something else. We talked about faith and somehow got on the topic of resurrection. Our member and James started had an interesting conversation. We just watched and listened!

Friday was zone Meeting and lunch with the Jensen's! Good food and good company 😊 That night we had a lesson with a family that is investigating, the S Family! They are solid. They read and love the Book of Mormon and seem to understand most of the doctrine. They just need to come to learn how it can help them personally. We talked about the Holy Ghost and his role in our lives. The spirit was strong and I found a love for them. 

Sunday was wonderful despite daylight savings. I miss waking up to sunshine! We have Ward Council at 7am...oh no. Church was so good! It was a Sister Missionary Sunday! Bishop asked me to bear my testimony since I am new. Then Nikayla and Sophia spoke and sang a duet. Then Bishop asked a sister in the ward who had served many years ago to bear her testimony! It was spirit filled and I cried haha

We went to Roseville to talk to some of the members who moved but still have property in our ward. They have neighbors at their old house who can translate for someone we are teaching..complicated sorry. We get lost because I don't know where anything is and neither does Sister T. We were on our way home when I look at the gas gauge and it says we have about 2 miles until we are gonna run out of bad. We make it home but have no idea how we're gonna get dinner. So luckily our dinner is really nice and picks us up and takes us home. We planned the rest of the evening so it all worked out.

Sorry this isn't detailed or very good, I'm still getting used to everything and my heart is still in Gridley. But I have seen many tender mercies this week that have shown me that God loves and has a plan for me here!

Grateful to be here and grateful to be His servant!

Love y'all!

Sister Emily Gore

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