Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 69: Peace, Plans and Patience

Monday, March 27th 2017

      Hello there! For those of you still following my mission, congrats y'all should win a prize! We had a grand ole week!! Are ya ready?! 

     Pday was the usual...boring in the gym, but yay for family chatting!! We played banana grams at FHE with the L family and I discovered I'm not very good haha.
Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with J! She's so cool!  She is friends with a member in GB2 and just loves God and loves people who also love God. She's a strong Catholic and has no plans of converting but enjoys learning. We taught the first vision and she was nodding along as I recited the first vision and after she said she totally beloved it. She said "As soon as I looked at the picture (of Joseph Smith, God & Jesus Christ) I knew this actually happened." What?! So cool! The only thing is she still believes that God doesn't have a body, so we will be talking about the nature of God soon. She is so sweet so please keep J in your prayers!

That afternoon I got to meet THEE Nancy! She's so awesome! She's been meeting with missionaries for about 3 years and for at least 2 of those she's been making treats for every district and zone meeting for 6 zones of the mission! How amazing is that! So today we got to help make ginormous cookies!! 1 is the equivalent to about 4 or 5! So good, but no good for ya! 
She was telling us about some of the things she learned at a bible study she attends at another church. We got to talking about how we are all children of God and although we don't agree with everything, we still need to be kind. 

The church came out with this awesome video! Watch it! 

Wednesday we had district meeting about the importance of church attendance!! This comes up so often. Church is so important! It's where we feel the Spirit, learn more of Christ & His teachings, and most importantly take the Sacrament! Every single week we have the opportunity to renew the promise we made to God and get to start the week off with a clean slate! Who wouldn't want that?! So if you’re not going, then go. If you don't know where to go, then go to and you can find an LDS chapel near you!

      That night I went on exchange with Sister Smith! This is our third time serving around each other so we are bffs! She goes home this transfer so it was fun to reflect back on our missions and also talk about plans and goals we have when we go home! 

We had such a good day!! we did book stacking service at Sunrise Senior Center, tracting in a neighborhood right by Lincoln!! We drove past my old apartment and that was weird!! We invited a man to come to church and a women told us she doesn't want to be with her family sad. We had a lesson with their investigator named Brother M. He's awesome but has two things, wants a big sign from God and won't give up things that at "sins" but he doesn't consider them "sins". We read from the Book of Mormon and talked about the importance of the Spirit. If we are sinning we won't be able to recognize answers to prayers or blessings that He is always raining upon us. We have to sacrifice things in order for our eyes to be truly opened. God loves us so much and has so much in store for us if only we will choose Him!

Friday President allowed Sister Tsalagi and I to attend the Temple! I hadn't gone since July so it was very much needed! All week we were trying to find a member to take us and finally we called Sister D. and she said yes!! I am so grateful we got to go because it brought much needed peace and revelation. I felt Gods love for me so abundantly. I know without a doubt that He has a plan for me and that I am in His loving hands.

    We did weekly planning and wrapped up the night with the Restoration movie! All I can say is I balled like a baby and the church is so true. 

     So every day for the next 31 days, President Marston emails us a quote, hymn and talk centered on the Atonement! So nice to have the daily, morning reminder of the sacrifice He made for me ☺
One of my favorites quotes he sent out was this one!

"Every attempt to reflect upon the Atonement, to study it, to embrace it, to express appreciation for it, however small or feeble it may be, will kindle the fires of faith and work its miracle towards a more Christ-like life.  It is an inescapable consequence of so doing.  We become like those things we habitually love and admire.  And thus, as we study Christ’s life and live his teachings, we become more like him.” -Tad R. Callister

The more we study the Atonement, the greater our testimony grows! 
Sunday we went tracting! And we were able to find 2 new investigators! Miracles! Our zone set a goal to find 10 this week! And we found 14! Hooray! The Stake said that if we found 10 they would make us lunch for conference!! Yay for free food!

So stoked for this week! I'm so excited for conference and to listen to our beloved Prophet and Apostles! Watch and listen!

Lots of love,                                      

Sister Emily Gore

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