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Monday, April 3rd 2017

      Well well well  another week has come and gone!! Weird! It was another AMAZING week of miracles and seeing Gods hand!

     Monday we did our usual Pday activities and then went on exchanges! Sister Rosa came with me and GB1! We had a blast! Our dinner’s backyard is Folsom Lake! So beautiful and such a tender mercy! It was beautiful and I just love being surrounded by Gods creations! He loves us SO much! 
Tuesday we had a lesson with J and her member friend L. We finished teaching the Restoration and talked about the Priesthood power and the effect it can have in our lives. J believes everything we teach but she doesn't apply it to herself. It's so sad! So we are trying to help her understand how this can change her life if she will let it! We had a very busy day of service and finding. We accidentally woke up a the "Quiet, baby sleeping" signs...oops!
Wednesday was....miracles. That's all I got to say. We went tracting in the trailer park. Just to give you some context though, I was not in a good mood that morning. I was grumpy....yep missionaries sometimes are grouchy and today it was me. So we go and are knocking doors and I'm praying that we will see a miracle, I'm praying to teach and to have the spirit and for a softened heart. God answers prayers. We knocked on a door and a lady named Jan opened the door. Golden. Literally so prepared. She's met with missionaries before, read and marked up the Book of Mormon and has wanted to get baptized twice already. She let us in, we prayed with her, and invited her to take a church tour and meet with us! She is ALL in! We are so excited and SO grateful for God allowing us to meet her! 
We had a BUSY day after that! We practiced our musical number with our zone, had lessons with K & T, went visiting teaching with Sister Fergeson in GB2, ate dinner and did some door knocking!! Such a good day!
Sisters Gore and Orty

Sisters Gore and Rosa

Sisters Gore and Lloyd

Most of the Rocklin Zone

MTC group

Thursday was AWESOME!! It was Zone Conference! We met with Lincoln and Auburn zones in Auburn! It was fun to reminisce on good ole times there! Each ZC we are all asked to prepare a 5 minute talk on a topic and then President will pick 5 or 6 missionaries on the spot to speak. This cycles topic was "How has studying the Atonement made me a better missionary?" I knew as soon as I saw the email of announcing the topic that I would speak and guess who was the first one call up....yep me!  I was actually really grateful for the opportunity and really at peace. I really talked about Charity and love and as we love more we become more like the Savior. The spirit really helped me out because I don't remember what I said. Lol
Oh funny story! So my home girl Orty was sitting in front of me and we had to pee soooo bad!! So we were like okay we're gunna go at the break....then break time comes and President says "we're gunna skip then break and keep the spirit that we have here with us." I died. We sat for another hour before we split off for practice teaching and booked it to the restroom! Haha Practice teaching and the rest of conference went so well!! I learned SO much! Too much to even attempt to fit into this email. But I can share my testimony of how much Christ loves us. He was willing to come to earth, live a perfect live, be the example for us and then suffer, bleed and die for each and every single one of us. And it was all out of love. Pure love. He did it so we can repent, we can change, we can become better and so we can become more like Him. I am so incredibly grateful for my Savior and His perfect love.
Saturday was Conference and the greatest!! I literally need to go back and re-read/study all of the talks! I left my notebook behind so I can't share much, but I know that we have a living Prophet and Apostles on the earth today that receive revelation from God and help and teach us how we can be better and continue on the path back to Him! I would like to invite each of you to read the words of the Prophet and pray about his words! I know that you will get a confirmation in your heart that He is a messenger and mouth piece for God!! God is the same yesterday, today and forever and His is never ending and never changing!

     OH! The Easter video came out and it's all about how Jesus Christ brings peace and hope into our lives as we follow Him! Go to Mormon.Org and watch it! I promise it will bring peace and answers! 
I am grateful to be here! I'm grateful for Gods love and the enabling power of Jesus Christ's provided through His Atonement. God loves each of us! If you have a question, ask God! 

Love you lots!! 

Sister Emily Gore

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