Tuesday, December 8, 2015


December 7, 2015

Oh my goodness this week was soooooo good! I felt like a real missionary and it's super cool! Pday was awesome we went to goodwill and target and me and Sister Watson got matching outfits!!! Don't worry they were on sale! 

  Tuesday was literally the BEST DAY EVER.
#storytime so on Saturday we went to visit a less active at Magnolia Apartments, turns out she doesn't live there and a pregnant lady answered the door so we super sad that we couldn't see her. That night I was like we should've talked to the pregnant lady but was like oh well. Come Tuesday Sister Watson felt very strongly that we should go back and talk to the pregnant lady that answered the door. I totally agreed. So in our comp. prayer we told the Lord we would be the Magnolia Apartments at 5pm, so that we were working with the Lord in our plan to talk to her. So we were in the neighborhood and got there at like 4:45 and nobody answered the door and I thought it was because we were too early but it turns out she ignored us. So we get back in the car super sad that we didn't get to talk to her and all of the sudden I'm like we need to get out of the car and go talk to the lady walking her dog, like super strong impression, I just could not shake it, trust me I tried. I was super scared and Sister Watson asked me if I had faith? And I was like I want to. That's something I'm working on, not letting my fear over come my faith. So after a few minutes of battling this prompting, we get out of the car and this man is
standing near at the bus stop near the apartment and comes up to us and we start talking and then calls over his girlfriend. Long story short they're trying to put their lives back together and she has been looking for a church so we gave her a Christmas pass along card with our names and number and gave them a Book of Mormon!!! It was so awesome! It was an OYM (open your mouth) moment combined with listening to the Spirit. We told Heavenly Father where we would be and when, and he had someone preparing for the gospel there, although it wasn't who we expected. So grateful that we both were listening to the Spirit and we were given the courage to get out of the car and open our mouths.

Boy have we done ALOT of finding. That's pretty much all we do. Is talk to less actives and knock on their neighbors doors. It's actually a lot of fun and adventurous, but tiring as well. But when you actually have the chance to talk to people and share the gospel, oh boy it makes it all worth it, to knock all those doors to find the one. I have definitely learned the importance of planning and then
telling God your plan and if you follow through and follow the Spirit, he will give you prepared people! It's so awesome!
Sunday we had a lesson with two of the elders in our zone and one of their investigators who is getting baptized in two weeks. She was glowing, she was sooo happy and just wants to follow Christ and is doing her best to do so. She asked that me and Sister Watson go to her baptism, which is super cool because I just met her and we'll be teaching her the recent convert lessons because she's technically in our ward, so I'm super excited!!
I want y'all to know that I know without a doubt this church is true. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and its power. It has changed my life. I have a testimony of the restored gospel, that we have a prophet on the earth today, that he leads and guides us as directed by
God. I am so grateful for my Savior and for his atoning sacrifice, that I can have a clean slate and try to improve myself every day.
Don't be afraid to open your mouth and be an example of Christ like love. Look for ways to serve those around you. If you are feeling down on yourself, look outward, look for ways you can uplift those around you.
Check out the new Christmas videos (we got to see them the MTC and at the mission office before it came out, I'm sooo excited it's out and we can show it to people, our mission is actually having a competition as to which zone can had out the most cards and show the video) it's
super awesome sooo share it!

With love
Sister Gore #thechurchistrue #asaviorisborn #merrychristmas

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