Sunday, February 14, 2016

week 10: #relyingontheLord

Gonna be honest - this week was not the greatest … at least it didn't
start that way. Well in comparison to other weeks it wasn't the best.
Which I know I shouldn't compare but when you know you can do better, it stinks when you sell yourself short.

 Okay maybe I'm exaggerating because it wasn't that bad. Monday night we went to the S family and had dinner. Then we had a lesson with them and taught them the Restoration. It was actually fun because they role played accents.
Although we were cracking up half the time, it was super amazing and spiritual and I'm really grateful for their family. Another missionary also gave us some really good pointers on how we can teach better so it was super helpful and I was really grateful they were there.
Tuesday was one of those days. Usually they are our powerhouse days, but this time it was not. We did though, go back to that house on El Capitan and see the girl who we gave a Book of Mormon to. She hasn't read it yet but wants to and she wants to go to church. Her dad and brother were there this time and were interested as well!! And the awesome thing is, they know the stake President and she goes to school with his son! So we're super excited for them!! It showed me once again that members make all the difference, it's hard to say if they would've say yes if they hadn't known someone who is trying to live the Gospel. So really when we are tracting, in the back of my mind I'm praying for two things;  that whoever answers knows a member and that they recognize the spirit and are prepared, okay maybe that's three things, but you get the point, member friendship is super important.
Shout out to members: invite your friends to things, be good examples and share the gospel! Missionaries should be full time teachers and members should be full time finders!! Wednesday was district meeting which was super amazing! We talked about the things we learned at the broadcast and it was just super good. One thing I learned was how important it is to be worthy of the spirit, because he is the true teacher. Also how important it is to keep an eternal perspective. That I am a missionary, I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and I am
here to help people come closer to Him and make covenants so that one day they can reside in the Celestial Kingdom with their family and Heavenly Father forever. So yeah really good!! The rest of the day was just ehh after that, we both just were not in good moods. Just life wasn't fun, but we had an awesome heart to heart and were just really able to help each other. Sister W is really trying to help me use my gift of discernment more, which is kind of scary but I love being that close with the Lord and being able to help those around me.
Thursday we went on exchanges!! I LOVE EXCHANGES!! I was with Sister S in her area and it was super fun! We went to this older man’s house, and read the Book of Mormon with him. He has a caretaker that is sometimes there and after I had the impression to invite her to join us, so I let Smith know because the lady seemed interested, she grew up in Idaho and knows Mormons and was asking about what we do, so I really hope something happens with her! The rest of the day we tried to contact potentials and less actives but no one was really home. Then we ate dinner at the Gambles and their daughter just got back from a mission and they are just one of those feel-good families that you meet and can instantly be yourself around. We had great discussion about the importance of enduring to the end and the importance of doing the basics. Plus I got to drive which is always fun! Excited to get my own TiWi card in a couple weeks! Friday was super good! We did our weekly planning and because it's my week 11 (which means I am in charge this week, pretty much we reverse roles) I planned and I'm excited but pretty anxious so prayers are appreciated!!
To give you a glimpse of this week I ate two cartons of Ben & Jerrys.
I realized during this time of stuffing my face with ice cream how
much I need my Savior. That although Ice Cream makes me happy, it is when I turn to Him I find real peace and comfort. He is my brother and my friend, my savior and redeemer. I am grateful for the Atonement, that I am not only forgiven of my sins, but given strength to overcome my weaknesses.
Okay cool story time!! Sister W and I were going to visit someone and we picked a scripture and prayed and was about to get out of the car, when she had an impression to go visit a potential named Ron. So we drove to his house and we had just finished praying when he pulled into his drive way!! We had a great talk with him. He's a former investigator so he had a BOM so we read some verses with him and talked about them, he agreed with everything and said we could come back!!! (Don't worry we stand on his front porch) so we are SOO excited for him!! So he is now a NEW INVESTIGATOR!! Then we saw the less active and went to dinner. Then our district ended up all being at the church, which was perfect because I felt really strongly to ask for a blessing so the Lord definitely answers our prayers because it was much needed and so helpful. I feel so much better and I am so grateful for the priesthood and the blessings it had brought into my life. It was my first time, that I can remember that I got a blessing without my dad so that was different but it was just as good because it came from the Lord.
Sunday was spectacular. I woke up just so excited to take the sacrament! All morning I was just waiting and preparing and my studies just didn't go as well! But once I took the Sacrament I felt soooo good! There is so much power and peace in that simple ordinance. I am so grateful for the Sabbath and am striving to
make it a holier day.
I love being in Redding. I love being a missionary, I can't say it
enough. This week has been hard, honestly it's been rough and I can
see that this next week will really rough as well. But I know that
these trials are here for my learning and growth. That through them I
will be stronger and better. I am grateful for that knowledge and for
my Savior during these difficult times.
Keep being missionaries! Keep sharing the gospel! Be safe in the 30
inches of snow.
The church is true and God loves you
Sister Gore

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