Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 11: #trialbyfire

This week was so strange. In.every.way. First off let me explain the hashtag. So as new missionaries, our first two transfers are getting trained. To help us we do something called ‘12 Week’, which is a bunch of different lessons and videos we watch to help us know how to do the Lord’s work. So when you’re on your 11th week, like muah, you take over and take the lead in all activities. So I planned what we did, I made the decisions of who we saw and where we went, I had the phone, I decided when we left places, I made sure our dinner appointment was called, all the things the trainer does, I did. Boy it was different. I was SO nervous on Tuesday. Our new investigator wasn't home so the plan for the morning went from full to empty, and I just panicked because I had no idea what to do. That's kind of how the who week went, no one was home or things fell through so then I had to (quickly) decide what to do next. Honestly, I could've done better, but that's why we have it in the first pace, to learn and figure out for ourselves how to be missionaries. It's crazy to think I have one week left of being trained, I'll be green for a while, but the TR on my picture will go away, so weird. I've actually enjoyed my time as a greenie, I wouldn't want to do it again, redo things I could have done better, but I have many months to improve and be better. Okay now on to what we actually did.
Monday we went hiking in Mount Shasta, well we attempted to, but then Elder K and Elder R’s car got stuck in the snow...twice. So they left with Elder B and Elder Y. Then our car got stuck, and the Zone Leaders and Elder S and Elder M came back to help another car get unstuck, so the 8 of us were still there so we decided to hike to the falls while the other 4 went bowling which was honestly super sad because although it was fun it would've been much more fun with them there. I'll throw some pictures in, it was super fun! 

We had exchanges again this week!! And I took over my area with Sister P!! She's so great, she's the STL (Sister Training Leader) and we had a few heart to hearts and it was fantastic! I took her contacting for the first time - nobody was interested, but that's okay. I love exchanges because it's a perfect time to get new ideas and improve! The rest of the week was
good … oh we found two new investigators!!! Which is exciting, sadly we weren't able to see any of our other investigators this week which is super sad, but hopefully we can see them this week. We had interviews!!! Oh my goodness I love President Marston!!! He is so amazing!! We talked about my goals for my mission and how I can accomplish them! I JUST LOVE MY MISSION PRESIDENT! You can tell how
much he loves each missionary and just wants us each to be happy! We find out who is getting transferred on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I'm staying which I'm excited about, but nervous to think about taking
over the area, if it happens. I would miss Sister W.
Okay the talk I have been reading is week is Eyes to See and Ears to Gear by Kim B Clark... IT IS AMAZING everyone should read it!!
I'm excited for this next week. This week in my studies I've been studying the correlation between obedience and having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. They go hand in hand. If we want the Spirit with us, we need to be obedient. I just love being a missionary!!
I love my Savior and I love the Book of Mormon!
Love you!
Sister Gore

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