Tuesday, February 16, 2016

week 12: #Thyfaithhathmadetheewhole

This week was CRAZY! I don't even know! It was such a roller coaster!
We found a new investigator or a less active were not really sure. His
name is T. and he was a media referral, so we went over to give him
a Bible and it turns out he was baptized when he was younger, we're
not sure if his records are still in the church but we have an
appointment with him on Wednesday and our bishop said to treat him like an investigator until we find out more info! So woohoo!! This
week was a week of miracles; well Saturday and Sunday were WONDERFUL!! Just faith filled days! So we had set a goal to have 6 LARCs (less active/recent convert lessons) this week which is one more than the average, we weren't sure if Sister Watson was going to be transferred or not, but if she was we wanted to go out with a bang! So on Saturday we had reached our goal but decided to raise our goal to 10 LARCs which we had never done in one week, the most lessons we've had for that key indicator was 7 and those were on really good weeks. It was a faith filled weekend. We went to Lord and told him our goal and we won't stop working until we achieved it. And it was beautiful to watch how our day went. Saturday no one was home, or if they were they didn't have time to talk. So we only had one lesson Saturday, but we didn't give up hope, we knew the Lord would help us accomplish our goal. So Sunday came and we had a regional broadcast and it was so amazing! I'll talk about that later. And guess how many lessons we have!? 5!! FIVE LESSONS IN ONE DAY! Not just any day! A SUNDAY!! So guess how many LARCs we had!? ELEVEN!!!! It was a miracle! We felt the Lord with us! Our 10th was a lady named T. that we see all the time. Today she was so receptive. She's very honest with us and usually doesn't follow commitments or even say that she will. But when we invited her to read from the Book of Mormon daily, she said she would!! She even asked us to text her and remind her until it becomes a daily habit!! We are so excited for her to see the Lord bless her as she exercises her faith!! Then we felt prompted to see D.! We love D.! She recently moved in and is just so sweet!!! We went over and shared a scripture about the Atonement and our Saviors love for her. She just cried and cried as we testified to her of how much our Heavenly Father loves her and how the Atonement is infinite. I am so grateful we went over to uplift her! I love seeing miracles! Transfers are this week and none of the sisters are leaving which is really cool!! Me and Sister Watson are staying together another one, and they will probably shot gun us out of this one and put Elders in the ward. But we are going to focus these next 7 weeks (yes this transfer is 7 weeks long) and have fun! 3 of the Elders are leaving so I'm super sad about that, but hopefully I will see them again or serve around them later. I love my Zone!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I LOVE BEING A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST!! I know this church is true. I know our Heavenly Father loves each one of us!
Sister Gore

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