Monday, July 18, 2016

week 32: For time and all eternity

July 11, 2016

7-11 day!!! Free Slurpees!!!
Wowzah! What a week that has been! It has been a whirl wind of
emotions! We have been busy, busy busy! This week I am happy to say we
taught 12 lessons! What!?! I haven't done that since Redding!! It was
incredible! And only 2 of those were set! I'll tell you all about it!
Monday was the Fourth of July which was a BLAST! We went for a hike at
hidden falls in Auburn! It wasn't like any of the hikes I did up in
Redding, but it was fun to be outside exploring! We went to dinner, we
had pork chops and potatoes and corn on the cob it was very good!
 We had to be in by 7 so we went home and waited till it got dark then
played with sparklers! It was just us on our balcony and I forgot to
buy a lighter so we had to be inventive about how we lit them haha it
was a great day!

Tuesday was fantastic! We had a lesson with A.L! She asks a lot of
questions during our lessons; I love how inquisitive she is! We ended up having 5 lessons that day all of them being unplanned! It was quite amazing, we felt so good at the end of the day! That night we contacted a referral we received from the Stake Presidency! They are an elderly couple who live in the boonies
of Loomis, which isn't in our area but they requested Sisters. We
chatted with the husband and they have a son who is a member and is a bishop
and they have lots of family who have joined the church. We had a great visit
with him and invited him to read from the Book of Mormon. They are both  in poor health so he didn't want to schedule a time for us to
come back, but he said we could pop by again! We are excited to
continue to get to know him and meet his wife, G.

Wednesday was great! We had district meeting and we talked about
revelation through church attendance. I have especially learned the
importance of attending church while on my mission. Church is where we
have the opportunity to take the Sacrament. This sacred ordinance
allows and invites us to renew the covenant we made with our Heavenly
Father at baptism. Each week we are able to recoup and start over with
a clean slate! I mess up a lot, so I look forward to the Sabbath to be
able to recommit myself to be better the next week and feel the love
my Heavenly Father and Savior have for me.
We had a lesson with B. and it went really well! We read 2 Nephi
31 and taught the Gospel. We explained the repentance process and we
were able to bear our testimonies of the Atonement was amazing! I
even got to use Sister W’s visual with the paper and the water!
Pretty much the visual explains that the Atonement doesn't just patch
up our mistakes, but it makes it so they can't be seen in the eyes of
God, we are completely forgiven and God remembers them no more when we
repent. I am so incredibly grateful for my Savior and His sacrifice
for me. I know that He loves each one of us!

Sisters P, N and Gore
Thursday was a neat day! It was MLC so Sister N. who is serving
in the Rocklin YSA, came a joined us, so we were a trio for most of
the day. It was fun to have another person’s perspective and ideas, a
little weird doing door approaches but not as awkward as I thought it
could be! We had a great lesson with A.L. where we talked about the
creation and how God gave us each talents and abilities to helps us be
creators in different capacities.
That night we had Book of Mormon class. No one came, so I used that
time to type out an email for my brother. Not sure if that was the best idea
because all the emotions came, when it really hit me I wouldn't be
there for the wedding. But in those moments I felt so much peace and
comfort that I was in the right place doing the right thing. I felt
Angels all around me, and I recognized who they were. I am grateful
for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us each personally, who answers
our prayers in the way we need them, He provides love and comfort to
us when we are confused or despair. I know that I am His daughter and
He loves me.

So Friday wow what a whirlwind. I could barely focus on anything
because it was the day of Zach and Bree's wedding. My wonderful, loving
mission President felt impressed to allow me Skype after they were
sealed. That was such a blessing and tender mercy. I was having a
rough time dealing with the fact that I wasn't there, and being able
to see my family made it better. I am so grateful for my family and
their endless love and support. They all said that they missed me, but
they wouldn't want me any other place and I agree with them. So
congratulations to Zach and Bree! Oh happy day!! Sister P. was so great
because she pretty much planned while I cried haha.  A member took us to
Red Robin for dinner and it was so so fun!! We then went to HomeSpun to see if
Ik. was there and he was! He wasn't able to read from the BOM
because he lost his copy so we brought him back a new one and invited
him to read 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes to the Americas! He was
disappointed it wasn't a war chapter but we promised him this would be

Saturday was great, we helped a lady in 3rd Ward move stuff out of her
house because her house flooded! We then went to a baptism of a lady
named P. in the 6th Ward. When Sister S. and I were in exchanges
we had a lesson with her and it went so well I remember feeling very
strongly that one day she would be baptized and she was! We then did
lots of finding, either no one was home or they weren't interested :/
But then we tried a former investigator and he wants to meet with us again! So we are super excited about him!

Sunday was wonderful!! Church just seemed extra good this week! In
Relief Society, we talked about the Temple and how important it is
that we keep ourselves worthy of a recommend even if we can't
physically go. Temples have been on my mind a lot lately so this was
perfect. We called President on Friday and he allowed Sister P. and
I to go to the Temple in two weeks! We are sooo excited to go! I love
going trove Temple, I love the love and peace I feel while I'm there.
I know that it truly is the house if God!
I love being a missionary! Pray for missionary opportunities and act
in the promptings you receive!
Love y'all
Sister Gore
Ps. Today I hit my 8 month mark! It's crazy how fast time flies!

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