Monday, July 25, 2016

week 33: exchanges and blisters

July 18, 2016

       Wow what a week this has been! It's been full of ups and downs!
As the weeks of my mission go by, each one gets faster and faster and
I can't tell the difference between days, this whole week felt like
one whole day! Ahh I need it to slow down!

       Alright so last Monday, we decided to go to the city of Loomis to go to the
super Walmart because I was sick and tired of going to the Walmart
Market and having no options. Well for anyone who knows me, they know
I have zero sense of direction so of course we got way lost and had to
turn around at least 6 was frustrating. But it was well
worth going because on the way out, right in front of me was a MOD
PIZZA! I literally screamed! I didn't know there was Mod anywhere but
Redding! So I'm super pumped to eat there!!
 Tuesday was great! Sister P. hurt her knee last transfer
so we went to the doctors in Roseville. It was fun and stressful, I
haven't experienced traffic like that since I have been home so I was
stressed out, plus I didn't really know where I was going so I was
just overwhelmed. Well we made it there safely and we were walking
around trying to find the building and we run into Sister C. (and
her companion Sister W.)!! It was such a fun  surprise to see her!!

Sister Gore & Sister Cowden

When we got back we had dinner and tried to see A.L. She
was still on vacation but her dad accepted a Restoration pamphlet! He
isn't interested in learning about the Gospel right now, but maybe
someday in the future!
 Alright, Wednesday. We had Zone Meeting and it was probably
the most Spiritual Zone meeting I have ever been too. I can't remember
what we talked about now but one of our ZL's, Elder C. did an
activity with us. On the chalkboard he wrote JESUS CHRIST and put a
box around His name. Then he had us go up and write around the box,
one thing we are grateful for. We had a good size list of things like,
freedoms, A/C, cars, a home, food, family, Mom, being able to serve a
full time mission, etc. Then he had us go up and erase one thing,
starting with the least important. As the list grew smaller, the more
important things remained, like family, Mom, Temples, and it became
harder and harder to erase things. Everything was gone until the only
words on the chalk board were JESUS CHRIST. Now, at this point I
thought Elder C. would explain that even when everything is taken
away, Christ and His Atonement remains. But he didn't. He asked Sister
Smith to erase the chalk board. It struck all of our hearts; tears
filled her eyes as she asked if she had to. With tears in his eyes
as well, Elder C. nodded. Tears filled mine as I watched Sister S.
solemnly erase Christ name. The Spirit was incredibly strong, yet with
erasing His name I just wanted to go up there and write it again. He
then related how we all felt about just erasing His to imagining how
we would feel if we erased Him out of our lives all together. He
encouraged us to remember Christ always and that there are so many
people who don't even know what He has done for every single one of
us. This experience touched me in a way that I will never forget. I
definitely do not want to know what my life would be like without
That night we had a lesson with a family in our ward. The mom really wants
to start coming back and her daughter even started going to young women
activities! But something is holding them back and we can't put our finger on
 what it is. We shared a video with them about the Restoration and the Spirit
was so strong as we were able to testify of the truthfulness of Joseph Smiths
experience! We even talked to them about missionary work and the
sacrifices we make, but how incredibly worth it to go without all the
things of the world for this period of time! Somehow Top Ramen came
into the conversation and that’s when their 16 year son really got
involved haha so we need to find out how we can relate Top Ramen to
the gospel haha any suggestions?!
 Sister Cannon & Sister Gore
Oh my heck Thursday was the best!! Sister C. and I went on
exchanges in my area and it was the best! She's also from VA, we live
in the same school county, we were at the same Mormon prom and Youth
celebration and we both went to BYU Idaho! How did we never meet!?! So
we had a lot to talk about!! I’ve been having a bit of a rough go at
things recently so she was really able to help me come up with
different solutions to how I can't help my situation. I know that God
places people in our path at certain times for certain reasons, and I
am incredibly grateful for that!

We were able to contact R., the man we met a couple weeks ago who
accepted a BOM! He hasn't been able to read it, so we invited him again
 and promised him if he did that God would reveal to
him if it is true! He is going through a rough patch right now, so we
also promised that he would feel peace and comfort as he reads,
because it's totally true! I love the Book of Mormon, I can honest say
that I love it. As I read more and desire to understand it, the Holy
Ghost helps me to know the things I read and feel are true and I
definitely gain a better understanding of what I am reading as I ask
for guidance! If you haven't read the Book of Mormon, I challenge you
to read it! Start anywhere!! Don't know where to read? The
Introduction is always a good place to start! Don't have a copy? Ask
the missionaries or a Mormon friend!! How can you contact
missionaries? Mormon.Org! How can you know that it is true? Ask God!
It's really that simple. I promise you that He will give you an
answer! I have prayed to know for myself and God answered me in the
way I needed and would understand best.

 "If the Restoration did anything, it shattered the age-old myth that
God has stopped talking to His children." -Russell M. Nelson
Alright, this detailed email thing is wearing me out but I just
want to tell you ALL of things! Okay Friday was our Car Fast day! So
every 3rd Friday of the month, the whole mission goes without a car.
We can walk, get rides from members or bike to get around. So after
weekly planning, Sister P. and I walked the 45 mins to Sister
R.’s for our BOM reading. Well I thought I wore the right shoes,
but because it was so hot, they rubbed against my skin and I got some
pretty gnarly blisters. #notfun

      So we then walked to dinner and Sister M. invited her
Buddhist friend S. to come to dinner! We had a great chat with
her and pretty much covered the entire Restoration and a good chunk of
the Plan of Salvation! She wasn't interested in reading the Book of
Mormon, but we know she felt the Spirit, so I know that one day she
will remember what she felt and want to learn more.

Saturday: Well we finally got to see T. and A.!! They are
doing great! Still not interested in taking the lessons, but he had
questions for us that we were able to help him with. His journey in
the gospel is just progressing differently than I thought it would be.
But that's the thing about this work, it isn't mine, it's up to the
Lord and I know that it is in His hands.

Sister Price, B & Sister Gore
 We were also able to see B! He had some questions about baptisms
for the dead and he couldn't find it anywhere in the Bible! We didn't
know the answer but we searched and found a scripture in 1 Corinthians
15:29. He appreciated us finding it and said he would read it after we
left. It was wonderful to be able to be led by the Spirit and have the
tools to be able to answer his questions. #thankgoodnessforiPads
That night we had dinner with the L's. The husband called earlier in the
 week and told us that T, a friend, wanted to hear the first lesson!!
We were so excited!! We got there and someone asked if T was getting
her first lesson. Brother L answered yes and T said she had no idea about
it....It made it super awkward to say the least. We tried to take the
pressure off and asked her if she wanted it, otherwise we could just
share a dinner thought. She said it was fine and that she likes
learning about other religions. It was a good lesson, but all the 5
members that were present bombarded her with the little details of
things that don't really matter. It was kind of a mess. I could tell
she felt kind of pressured. She said she's open to learning but
wouldn't join. It was such a lesson to me of teaching the plain and
 simple truths of the Gospel. I am grateful for the members who want
 to share the gospel and their enthusiasm, but it's the simple doctrine
 that the Holy Ghosts uses to testify and touch their hearts.

*sigh of relief* So that was my week! Something I am getting
into (finally) is journaling! I just finished my first journal and I
am so proud of it! I started a new one and it’s amazing to see how much
I have progressed. I am definitely not the same person I was when I
left (thank goodness)! So I encourage you all to keep up with your
journal, if you don't have one, buy one! It's never too late or too
early to start!

Love y'all

Sister Gore

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