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Week 39: We are His hands

Monday, August 29, 2016

We started off again making a ton of phone calls, most of which did not answer or were not interested, per usual. But that didn’t discourage us! We did a TON of finding. Sadly most people were not home, but we were able to contact a few who said we could come back or that we were to offer help to. We met a former named J. He let us in (his wife was in the other room) and gave us water and we chatted for a bit. We learned that missionaries in the past helped him get out of a tough spot in his life and he was really grateful about that. Unfortunately he wasn't interested in meeting with us, but I'm sure someday that he will remember the missionaries who helped him and what to learn more.
We have had some amazing lessons with Justin lately. Wednesday we read Alma 32 with them. I love this chapter and how it relates Faith to a seed and it's what we do to the seed that will make it grow. Faith is an action word. How great our faith is, is dependent is what we do and how we act on it.
My favorite verse is verse 27. He teaches that if we don't have faith yet, that's okay, but we can have hope and to let that grow until we have faith. I think that just shows how much God loves us and that He understands that this life is hard, but with hope and Faith that there is a God and He did indeed send His Son, Jesus Christ to die for every single one of us, we can know that we aren't through our challenges alone and that it will all work out in the end.
Justin even offered the closing prayer and it was beautiful. I learned so much about him in that simple prayer. He expressed his gratitude for us being there and teaching him the gospel and he was grateful for his testimony. I was so close to crying the Spirit was so strong. He has such faith and so do his parents, I always love going over to the Krinkes home because I learn so much and my testimony grows just listening to them.
We had Zone Conference Thursday and it was exactly what I needed! We talked all about obedience and the purpose of it and the blessings that come. It's interesting how my perspective of obedient has changed over the course of my mission. I thought at first obedience would be easy and that all missionaries were perfectly obedient. I very soon found that to not be the case and even found myself questioning the point of being obedient. But I have learned through experiences that being obedient has brought blessings I didn't expect. When I am obedient I am confident in myself as a disciple of Christ and more confident in the promptings I receive. I am also so much more in tune with the Spirit, whom I rely on to lead and guide be as to who to see and where to go.
President Marston set guidelines on the music standard. The standard of what we can listen too is, "if you were to call church headquarters, whatever plays while you are on hold." So, if anyone would like to send me there favorite Motab or classical hymn arrangements that would be much appreciated.
So this week we are having a music fast, to cleanse us or prep us for the updated standard. So no music, in the car or in the apartment for one week. It's actually a blessing because it gives Sister Dee more time to talk! So I am excited!
That night we had dinner with a wonderful family in Foresthill. It's one of those families I can just tell I will get close too. Their kids are the sweetest and we were fast friends. It was Sister Dee's turn to do the spiritual thought and she had mentioned something she was going to share. But instead she shared the "Because of Him" video. The mom read the words a lot so her children knew what it said (some of them were too little to read) and as she did tears filled her eyes, the Spirit was so strong that tears filled mine as well. Sister Dee began to share her testimony, but got a frog in her throat so she had to get water so I filled in and I was able to testify of a loving Heavenly Father who sent His Son to die, so that we can all be with Him again. It was a tender moment for me, one I won't forget. It was simply but made an impact. I am so grateful for this gospel and the opportunity I have to share it, not only with those without knowledge but to be a part of strengthening those who already have a knowledge.
On Sunday
we spoke in Auburn 3rd Sacrament meeting. We spoke on missionary work and I based mine off of the talk "He asks us to be His hands" by Sister Esplin (hence the title). I would encourage each of you to study the talk with a missionary mindset and then apply it into your everyday lives.
But the highlight of our week actually happened Sunday night at the lesson with Justin. The Spirit was undeniable. We decided to read Mosiah 18 with him and his parents. His parents bore beautiful testimonies of faith and the importance of being baptized. His dad asked him what his heart told him about being baptized. Justin said that he felt conflicted. He felt part of him said "Yes! Do it." But another part said "No, don't." His Dad explained that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and to do good, while Satan wants us to be miserable and to do bad.
Long story short, Justin received a Priesthood blessing from his father right there. As he said Amen, Justin's demeanor completely changed. He smiled; he was more involved and excited. We asked him when he would like to be baptized. He told us "As soon as possible. What's the point in waiting?"When Justin said that, I immediately thought about something President Marston said about investigators understanding the Atonement. That if they truly understand it, they will want to be baptized the very next day. That, I believe, is the case with Justin. He sees the blessing the gospel is in the lives of his family and peers and wants to be a part of it. He's ready to leave his old life behind and move forward. So the date is September 9th, so we will be seeing him a lot in the next week or so to get him prepared.  He told us he wants to do whatever God wants him to and whatever is best for him. He has such great faith and I am so grateful that God has trusted us with Justin. The timing of teaching him was absolutely perfect.
I tried to put this week into words, and I honestly cannot do it justice.
God is so good. The gospel is real. The church is true.
Love you all!
Sister Gore

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