Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 40: "Israel, Israel God is calling."

Monday, September 5th, 2016
       Well another crazy week! I don't think that these weeks will ever stop getting crazy because everything is new and exciting and fresh;  which is actually kind of stressful because, although I am very ‘go with the flow’, I like routine and so I'm still trying to get into that (wow that was the longest run on sentence ever (that my mom probably fixed)). This week we were actually able to contact a lot of people which I am super excited about.
      Tuesday was again just a powerhouse day. We drove around Newcastle trying to find a whole bunch of people. We ended up getting lost a lot and having to make a lot of U-turns which is pretty normal for me. But we were able to contact some people and leave notes
on people’s doors. Newcastle is so cute and just so beautiful so we didn't mind getting lost a few times.
     Wednesday was such a great day, too. In the morning we did a bunch of 12 week and we practiced door approaches!
So if I haven't explained it before, or since I was being trained myself, 12 week is extra training new missionaries do to help them learn pretty much how to do missionary work. We had a ton of fun! Well at least I did.
Tangent on tracting:
     We practiced at different situations that we might come across doing missionary work. Like visiting farmers who haven't been to church in several years or visiting less active members or
tracting (tracting is knocking on doors)! I am blessed with a great companion who puts up with my shenanigans. And she had some good door approaches too! I threw her a curve ball, by "inviting her in and wanting the first discussion." But she did a great job!! I actually really love 12 week, it's definitely helping me go back to the basics and do the things needed to be effective and diligent. We are trying to figure out how to work smarter. When I was being trained, when we had no one to teach, first thing we did was go tracting. Every. Single. Day. I'm gonna be honest I HATED it! I would do anything not to go tracting. But now I love it!
Never thought I would love tracting! It's not very effective, at least the majority of the time you will not find investigators, but I have a strong testimony that it is proof of diligence. Tracting shows the Lord that we are willing to do anything and everything to find His children. But I am learning that it doesn't need to be the first thing we do. Maybe not last resort but we have SO many resources to utilize before we need to knock empty doors. Anyways, that's my tangent on
Wednesday Continued:     
     Moving on. Later that day we had a hilarious experience. So we went to visit the W. family. We had gone and left a note before, but we came back and left another note. We got in our car and were just about to drive away, when a lady runs over and knocks on my window haha she was sooooo excited to see us!! She said she has been watching mystery shows, and was scared someone creepy was at the door so she didn't come down to open it. She told us she said a little prayer to know if she was in danger when she saw out of her window us walking across the street! So she came after us haha Sister W. is the sweetest lady! She LOVES missionary work and goes emotional over it. Her family is currently preparing to go to the Temple to be sealed. She said every time they have started the process, they have to move or something gets in the way. But they are determined now and won't let anything stop them! We ended up talking for about two hours! She was so grateful we came when we did and I'm so glad we went to.
      Friday was our weekly planning day as usual. But this week President Marston asked us to read the entire white handbook. It took us an hour but we did it. It was nice to get a refresher of the guidelines because I've set some goals to be more obedient. I am definitely
feeling the responsibility on my shoulders. My companion watches everything I do. So I definitely want her to have an example of a good, obedient missionary.
     Saturday we spent the morning calling people. I couldn't even tell you how many people I have called trying to set up appointments (um hello "Israel, Isreal God is calling" well not Him exactly but His representatives, so pick up the phone, please
J ). We actually had a couple people answer, but told us to call back in a few weeks. We want everything to be happening now, but it is all in the Lord’s hands and it is in His timing.
     We went to the Foresthill branch on Sunday and taught primary sharing time. We taught the kids how they can be missionaries now! It's so fun to see their wheels turning and to hear their testimonies and experience of doing missionary work. We passed around a sign-up sheet to have lessons in member’s homes and got a good response so we are super excited to start those up!
     We tried to contact people in Foresthill, one being a "progressing investigator" named Erin. She's not really progressing the way we hope, but she still wants to meet with us. Anyway, we stopped by to give an invite to the upcoming Relief Society activity. No one answered, so we left the invite and a little sticky note with more info and our contact info. Well about 45 minutes later we get a call and it was Erin! She got the note and was so touched that we thought of her! She told us that she is good friends with the Branch Mission Leaders dad, Joe. Well he told her, "Before I die your gonna get baptized." We laughed, but I became curious if that was something she wanted for herself. The conversation moved on so I didn't get the chance to ask, but we were so excited that she called and appreciated our efforts.
     Over all it was a great week! We are so excited for Justin to get baptized this week!!
     I was to invite and encourage you to think of some ways that you can be member missionaries right now and then do it!! Remember that faith without works is dead! Faith is a verb!
Love ya,
Sister Gore

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