Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 50 - 525,600 Minutes

Monday, Nov 14th 2016
Hello there! I think it's been a while since I've started an email with an actually greeting! So I hope everyone is doing fantastic!

I have had a wonderful week we are busy busy busy and I love it love it love it!

Monday night we had a lesson with a recent convert little girl named R...! And oh my she is the cutest, most enthusiastic about the gospel, little girl I have ever met! She was beaming with excitement the entire lesson as we read from the Children's Book of Mormon with her! People in Gridley love those things, we were giving them out like none other! 

After that we met the coolest family the L Family! Their daughter K... is planning to go on a mission in a couple years (she's still in high school). They foster parent and adopt children, some with special needs or or other difficulties. They are some of the most loving people I have ever met!! 

Tuesday we had a miracle...well many miracles but a less active Jerry was home and we were able to talk to him and give him....A Children's Book of Mormon!! He was so excited to get it so he can read it to his kids at bedtime! We are hoping that it will also have a positive influence on his non member wife that we are going to start teaching soon!

Something I noticed very soon is that EVERYONE is related! Everyone. And half our ward (I'm obviously exaggerating but a good portion) has streets named after them but they don't actually live on that street. For example, the L... family lives on Block street and the lives on Little street. Do you see how it can get confusing?!

Alright moving on. We had zone Meeting Oroville and talked about how to have a productive, effective study! We divided up as companionships and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon and came back and shard what we learned. 

Sister C... and I both decided to set some goals about having more faith and having better studies! 

After we got super good Chinese food and I received a phone call from the S... Family from up in Redding! They said they would be down in Gridley on Friday for a reunion and would love to take us out for Ice Burgies!! It was a tender mercy!!

Thursday we saw the Morrisons which is a part-member-less-active family in the ward. They are awesome!! We talked about tender mercies and seeing the Lords hand in our lives. I love to write the miracles I see during the day, it helps me to recognize Gods hand more and be more grateful for the many blessings I receive!

Friday was as Sister W would say, "THE BEST DAY EVER!" I got to see the S Family from my first area!! We met up at Ice Burgies! They bought us lunch and we were able to catch up and talk about some of our favorite memories!! So grateful for them! 

We then headed over to the church for weekly planning. Sister C... was acting really strange but I didn't know why. She said she had to go to the bathroom and asked if I'd come with her, I had to go to I said sure. But instead of heading to the restroom we went into a classroom where my district had decorated and surprised me for my one year mark!! I was definitely surprised! I felt sooo loved!! This year has gone by so incredibly fast and I am so excited to see what these last 6 months have in store for me!

Sunday was just so good! Sister C... and I team taught gospel principles on obedience! It was quite a learning experience for us. We really focused on how Jesus Christ was the perfect example of obedience. He did everything the Father asked of him. I am so grateful for His loving example.

It was a great day of diligence, we were able to see a potential named Haley who texted us when I first got to the area saying that she was truly interested but that due to a concussion she wouldn't be able to meet with us for a while. We decided to stop by her house and see how she was doing. She told us that physical therapy really helped and that she would love to meet with us next week!! I literally shouted for joy when I got to the car! "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"

I love it here! I'm trying to learn the people and the area as fast as possible so I can be more helpful! Slowly but surely I'm getting there!

Love y'all 

Sister Emily Gore

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  1. Love you Sister Gore. I guess that you know by now that I am going to get married. Great lady much like Grandma.