Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 60: "The Great Storm"

Monday January 23rd, 2017
Hello there friends and family of mine!! I just love and I'm so grateful for ya!

My week was full of ups and downs!! But mostly ups! We saw miracle after miracle! Our diligence is paying off!

Monday we had an awesome lesson with Kristian! We have been reading the Book of Mormon with him and he is just completely getting it! He pronounces all the names right and loves coming to church. The ward loves him and is warmly welcoming him in. We are excited to watch him grow and progress.

Thursday was as Watson would say THE BEST DAY EVER! Ya know why?! Cause it was sunny and we went tracting and saw countless miracles!! Most doors opened to us and either said we could come back or very politely declined. One lady named Belinda was on the phone so we gave her our card and she said we could stop by again later. We kept tracting and got to the other side of the street. We look across and she came outside and wanted to talk to us again. We walked over and she wanted the address to the church because she wanted to come some time. She had lived up in Washington with some members and she loved going to church with them, she read from the Book of Mormon and the lady taught her how to cook! She had a great experience and said she would love for us to come by again! 

I am a true believer that God has a plan for each one of and sometimes it's not by us directly contacting someone that will bring them to the gospel. But when we show the Lord that He can trust us and will do anything we can to find His children and share His gospel, then He will provide. I have seen this time after time on my mission and I know that the Lord blesses us for our efforts!

Friday was supposed to be our "carfast" (park our car and walk or bike) day but because of the storm it was canceled! Everyone in Live Oak was freaking out that we were gonna flood and that we were all gonna die. It was intense at first but it cleared up by the mid afternoon haha. But I'm not complaining.

Saturday was a hard day. Lots of empty doors. Gridley has proven to be much more difficult than Live Oak so we are constantly trying to figure out who to see because no one answers the door! Sister C is so wonderful and diligent! While I drive she is always going through area book or LDS Tools looking for people. She's wonderful! Anyway, she came across the C... family. I had never even heard of them. It was a miracle! Sister C... happily let us in and she opened up to us. She is active and has even been through the Temple. Her husband is kind of struggling right now and she said it was perfect timing that we stopped by. We are going to be having dinner with them in 2 weeks and hope to help them get to the Temple to be sealed!! 

The Temple is the ultimate goal! It is where families can be sealed and work for the dead can be performed. It is a Sacred and Holy place. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had to go and hope to be able to go more! Attend the Temple as often as you can!

That night we had transfer notices and Sister C... and I are staying together and we are SO happy!! 

I'm so sorry I'm behind again! It's just been crazy!

I hope everyone is doing well and is happy!!

Love you!

Sister Emily Gore

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