Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 62: "I Believe Him"

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Monday was a sad day for us. Sister C and I drove down to Antelope to get TiWi installed into our car. The drive down was really nice, the drive back...not so much. For those of you who don't know what TiWi is, it's a little device in our car that monitors your speed and yells at you when you go to fast. TiWi and I are not friends.  
TiWi in the windshield
The rest of the week was great! Tuesday was a great day of diligence as usual. I love seeing the many miracles the Lord provides as we do our part and work! Many people were not home, but we were able to make contact and set up return appointments with many people that we hadn't met yet! So yay for bringing them back into the fold! 

Wednesday evening we had a really good lesson with a partly less active family. I say partly because he wife is active but the husband is not. We talked to them about the stakes push for temple work! It's called Strive for Five. Everyone in the Stake is being encouraged to find and prepare 5 names to take to the Temple this year! It's a pretty exciting time. We gave both of them the My Family booklets to help them get started. 

The spirit was strong as we testified of the power of family history work. I am so incredibly grateful for the Temple and the work that is done there so that we can help those make promises with Heavenly Father and that we can be connected with them for all eternity! That's pretty amazing!!

Thursday was MLC!! I love MLC days! Cinnamon rolls, friends, learning from president...what could be better!?! Every MLC we start by setting goals. We set goals to help us work hard and, personally it helps me realize how often Gods hand is in my life. As we were setting goals, President asked us if we are setting goals or making predictions? Goals takes faith. Faith that when we tell the Lord we are going to do it, we are going to everything we can to do it and ask for help and guidance along the way. We also need to be humble and willing to change our ways. Elder Bednar said "If you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten." We need to be willing to put in the work necessary to change our selves and help others to have the desire to make changes as well.

This transfer we have a zone! Honestly one of the favorites on my mission and that's really saying something! We have been really building unity with each other, because when we feel loved and supported from our peers, we are uplifted and encouraged to press forward. Love my Gridley zone! Everyone calls me Mama Gore 👵because I'm either giving someone advice, or telling someone not to sass me or do something ssilly. It's pretty great! Haha

I loved Sunday! It was fast and testimony meeting. When I woke up I had a feeling that I should bear my testimony. I've been struggling (what's new) and something told me that sharing my testimony would help. I thought about it all morning but shrugged it off. Sacrament meeting came and the time to share testimonies was happening. A sister shared her testimony and then there was a long, very uncomfortable pause. I felt the spirit so strongly that if I didn't get up I would have regretted it. I shared my simple testimony of the truths I know to be true. I know God lives and loves me. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that by following Him, we are happy. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and he restored Christ's original church back onto the earth. I know that we can live with our families forever. 
I know all of these things to be true. I know it and I believe it.

A couple of the youth bore there testimonies as well. One said.
"I believe in Him, I believe Him" I believe in Jesus Christ. That He lives and loves us. But I also believe the words He spoke and the promises that He made. That as we follow Him, as we repent and change, we are clean and free of guilt and sorrow that sin brings.

And another said, "This gospel makes us better people." It's so true! As well strive to follow Jesus Christ, we do good, we are good and want to be good and help others be good too! It's all good! Haha

I love you all so much!

Trust God! Pray to Him! I know He hears you! Reach out with love! Wow that was a lot of things at once but hey...they're all good 😊

Sister Emily Gore

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