Monday, January 4, 2016

"Is Christmas different in California?"

Oh my goodness this week was crazy!! Just insane and all over the place! Tuesday was off the charts because of the half-mission conference which was fantastic. So we
drove down to Chico and got to see half the mission. Sister Watson and I had speaking parts so that was fun! We got all of our packages from home and a special Christmas card that only missionaries get. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which was delicious! Honestly I don't remember what we did after that, probably just drove home and did 12 week missionary training lessons. Wednesday we had a zone finding meeting, so we set goals and shared ideas on effective finding. We decided that our goal is to do an 1 1/2 hours of finding every day, yes we are very desperate for

Then we went to Sister Smiths Aunt and Uncles house who live in our ward and made Christmas cookies to give to less actives! Then as a zone we went caroling!! It was amazing every door we went to
was so open and you could tell they could feel the spirit, we gave them a pass along card with the website, so although it's unlikely, maybe there will be some self referrals, if not maybe a little bit of a seed was planted. We came to this one door and this couple came out and after we ended the song the husband explained that his wife had stage 4 cancer and was going through treatments and asked if we could say a prayer, so Sister Watson prayed and it was amazing! Then we got hot chocolate at Dutch Bros which is super cheap and soooooo good!!! Thursday was district meeting which was fun, we talked about how sometimes we don't see all the good we do, we watched the video "you never know how much good you do" which is super good, so if you haven’t seen it go watch it! (
Then we went to Bonnie's and ate lunch and read the Book of Mormon with her. Then we went home and made more cookies to give to less actives.

 Then Friday was CHRISTMAS!!!!! We went to the Cayhills
for breakfast which was delicious! Then I got to skype the Fam which was sooo fun!! Loved being able to talk to them!! then we hung out with our zone, then went to the Miles for dinner and a Posada!! It was sooo fun! Apparently it's like a Spanish/Catholic tradition, but it
was so cool singing in Spanish, if you don't know what it is google it! Saturday is honestly a blur I don't even remember what happened. Sunday Sister Watson and I spoke in the branch on Glad Tidings of the Gospel and that went great!
Sorry this week was super weird and kind of lame.
Love you,
Sister Gore

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