Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 6: bicycles and chocolate

Sister Watson & Sister Gore with the ward mission leaders donkey

First let me say, props to biking missionaries. Biking on hills is difficult. I cannot describe the awkwardness of biking in a skirt. Yes I'm still in Redding, our car is in the shop, let’s just leave it at that. But we get a car Wednesday so yay!
I just want to say how grateful I am for my father. I am grateful for his example to me of what I should look for in a future husband. I never truly appreciated how he fixed everything in our house himself. He used his nights off to fix the dishwasher or install new kitchen cabinets, or fix the car he let me drive. I am grateful for the
love he shows to my mom, even though sometimes it grosses me out. I am
grateful that he would never ever let me be rude to her even if I was kidding. I am grateful that whenever he was home, he'd stand outside and watch me back down the drive way putting his hands into the shape of a heart and saying, "I love you". I am grateful for my family and their love and support. These past couple weeks have been kind of tough, but this gospel, which is centered on Christ, makes it easier to
Though we Weren't There, The Missionaries in My District Wore Pink to Honor my Grandma on the Day of Her Funeral. All who Attended were Invited to Wear Pink, Which was Her Favorite Color.
   Although it's been tough, this week has been so wonderful. When
we show the Lord that we are diligent and faithful through our trials,
He blesses us and gives us miracles. We have 7 - yes SEVEN people to teach!!!!! Which to some may not mean anything, but it's a miracle. We are blessed and so excited to continue working hard and seeing what the Lord has in store. The people we have met are no accident - we are here at this specific time for a reason - there are
absolutely no coincidences. I want to challenge you to pray to see the Lord’s hand in your life everyday because He is there.  Make a mental note or even write down just one tender mercy you see each day. Your days will get better and you will see all the ways the Lord shows His love to you!!
Oh and I MADE IT THROUGH MY FIRST TRANSFER!! Obviously I’m staying in
Redding because I still have a transfer left of training! But we have some super fantastic missionaries (at least so I've heard) coming up so I'm super excited!!! This transfer is going to be amazing I can tell!!

I am so grateful to be one of the Lord’s servants in Redding. I am grateful to be a missionary! I want to do everything I can because my time as a missionary is very short! Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. With him we can be happy and free. I am so grateful for this gospel, it changes lives, and it has changed mine.
God loves you.
Sister Gore🙌

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