Sunday, April 10, 2016

week 18:#IamadaughterofGod

This week was just wow!!

On Monday we had a less the G’s! We taught the plan of
Salvation and the spirit was so incredibly strong! I downloaded the
Because of Him in Spanish and we showed that to them and they
absolutely loved it. They love that families can be together forever.
We invited their son H. Jr who is 8, to be baptized and he said
yes! So the whole family is getting baptized!! He even said, Heavenly
Father loves us so much he gave us Jesus Christ to save us! Even at
his young age, he knows this simple but incredible truth. That we have
a Savior who loves us so He gave His life for us.
I was able to share my experience when Grandma Gore died, and how that was such a challenge for me. But I had that hope and that knowledge and a firm testimony that I will see her again. That although I will not see her in this life, I will be with her again. Words cannot
describe my gratitude.

We had a lesson with Gr., our recent convert and she's really been
struggling with fitting in with people her age. These past transfer
I've really been trying to figure out who I am.sometimes I just want
to be Emily, but I can't because I'm Sister Gore. I don't know how
much sense this makes, but it's what it feels like. Anyways so we
basically had a lesson with her that she is a Daughter of God and
talked about divine nature. Well apparently I needed that lesson to,
because the spirit was so strong and I was testifying to her of how
much God loves her, I was really telling myself. We read Moses 1:3-4
when God tells Moses that He is His son and that He created him. I
realized that for myself as well. He is almighty, he created the
heavens and the earth, he created the mountains and the seas, the sun,
moon and stars. Powerful and strong. But he also created me. I am
small. I am not strong. But he made me. He loves me. He gave me a life
and I have greater potential than I will ever understand and out of
all these creations, big and small, I am one of His most precious.
Many people don't know this, that we have a Father in Heaven who loves
us. So that's why I'm here in Redding California, to find His children
and share this message with him. I am grateful to know I am a daughter
of my Heavenly Father. It is who I am.
So something I realized on my mission is that I have found it
difficult to explain the Atonement, I really can't put it in to words.
I have definitely experienced it for myself but I just can't seem to
put words to it. As we were visiting a less active whose really been
struggling with depression, I was praying for charity and help
explaining my feelings. So when it felt right, all I said was, I know
your Savior loves you Tina. Because that's what I know, I know he died
for us because he loves each one of us. It's small and simple, but all
I can do is testify of truth that I know, that is something I know
with all my heart to be true. I know that for each one of His

Whelp! It's the last week of the transfer so we're really gunna try to
work hard before Sister Watson probably leaves! We find out Saturday!

Love you!!

Sister Gore

Pictures from a hike they took that morning:

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