Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 20: #notreadyforthis

So Sister Watson is gone and Sister Taylor is here! I love her!! She
is so cool and such a good missionary! We get along so well and we're
already good friends! 

Sister Taylor and Sister Gore

This week was crazy!
 Tuesday Sister Sumsion took Sister Watson and I down to Gridley,
 Dropped her off and picked up Sister Carlisle. Then we drove to the
mission office and picked up Sister Taylor!! It was crazy but amazing
 because I got to see some missionaries that served with me in Redding
so that made me soooo happy!! Then we drove the 3 hours back to Redding,
 dropped off her stuff at the apartment and went to dinner/ lesson with the
Acacios (aka Godoys). Then we went home because we were just so tried.
I am so grateful for members who are willing to help us especially
with traveling.

Wednesday was crazy too. We had district meeting which is always fun,
but it was super quiet because nobody knew each other yet. We went
grocery shopping for Sister Taylor then did the usual of trying to see
people and no one was home. But we did go to the Yates and got to show
Sister Taylor the Alpacas and goats!!
Thursday was super fun! I got to go on exchanges with Sister Cowden
who is Sister Polings greenie so she's straight out of the MTC, and when
I say straight I mean it. She got to Redding Late Wednesday night and
we went on exchanges on Thursday because Sister Poling had to go to
MLC. It was super fun!! She is such a good missionary and is so
enthusiastic about the work, I can tell she's gunna do great things.

Friday was our typical weekly planning and Sister Taylor is such a
good planner I am learning so much from her! It makes the week go by
so much more smoothly because we have a good plan of who we will see
and what we will share with them.

This week was so weird and just getting organized and settled so sorry
it's not that interesting.

Taking over the area was a bit of a challenge but I'm glad I mostly
know my way around. I know that the Lord has been with me during this
adjustment, I couldn't have been doing it without him.

Love you
Sister Gore

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