Thursday, November 3, 2016

week 44: Removing the stumbling blocks

Monday, October 3, 2016

      It was another great week here in Auburn 3rd and Foresthill! As our usual Tuesday morning routine we went over to the R’s and did more yard work for Bob and Kathy. They are so sweet but unfortunately Bob has to go to work while we do service so we haven't had a real chance to talk about the gospel with him. But, we hope that one day he won't have to work and that we can actually have a gospel discussion. At least he really likes us and he likes the service that we do for him and his wife.

That night we went finding and had dinner with our Bishops family. Well really, it was the Scouts Court of Honor and the bishop had to speak at it, so we went to that and had really good food.

Wednesday I woke up not feeling well at all! I ended up vomiting and so I laid back in bed and let myself sleep for a little while. We had district meeting that morning but we ended up going a little bit late. I'm really glad that we went because it was a really good meeting and just what I needed. We took a kind of slow that day because I still wasn't feeling 100%. So we did some finding than came home for a much needed cat nap.

       That night we had dinner with the K. family!!! We also had family home evening with them!! We talked about nutrition and the word of wisdom. It was great!

Thursday was a great day of finding in Foresthill. We ended up meeting the E. family who are a family that hasn't been able to come to church very much. Every time we stop by they haven't been home except today she was. They were about to sit down to dinner but they asked that we come back another time during the week!
We were also able to see E. L.!!! We've talked on the phone with her several times but have never been able to meet her in person. We just so happen to stop by and she was home! We weren't  able to have a real gospel conversation with her but we able to get to know her and gauge her interest a little bit. She wants us to come help at the school she works at and do some service there. So we plan to go and help her out and keep meeting with her.

That night we had dinner with our branch mission leader the E. family. Boy do I love them they are too much fun. Their 14-year-old daughter B. is a cheerleader and so she showed us some of her tricks that she can do it was pretty neat. Brother E. is in a band and so he showed us some of his music. Although it's technically not approved, it was really good and I'm definitely planning on checking it out when I get off the mission. They have lots of fruit trees and vines and bushes in the backyard and they had a good harvest of grapes this year and made lots of grape juice. So they sent us home with a bottle of pure freshly squeezed grapes and all my goodness it is it heavenly. That's best juice I have had in my entire life!! Again just so grateful for members to take care of their missionaries!

Friday we had another day of exact obedience!!!! Although we should be exactly obedient each day, it's difficult and so sometimes President Marston will set aside one day for us to really strive to be exactly obedient to the white handbook into the spirit. It was our weekly planning day so we had a hard time figuring out what we should do because most of the time we spend the majority of the day planning. But we wanted to be extra diligent today and see miracles from our obedience so we got up, well at usual time and headed out the door at 10 AM on the dot. We were able to contact a lot of people that we've been trying to this whole transfer or many people that we keep pushing off. I can say that we definitely saw miracles that day! We had dinner with the D. family. They told us that they would find us two new investigators in two weeks and even said for us to follow up with them! They're awesome member missionaries and great examples of how to use pass along cards! So we have the faith that they will be able to find us two people to teach and so excited to hear about their experiences. 
We wanted to stay diligent after dinner so we did some more finding we ended up doing a little bit of tracting even though it was getting dark. We knocked on one ladies door who is about to head to bed she asked that we could come back at 8 o'clock the next morning! So we told her we would! It was a wonderful day of being exactly obedient!!

The weekend was absolutely marvelous! Because it was Conference!! But first we went back to the lady who said we could come back, her name was K.. Unfortunately she wasn't home or at least no one answered the door which doesn't surprise me because it was 8:15 in the morning on a Saturday.… but we left a note with a phone number on it. Although she wasn't home we showed the Lord that we follow through with our commitments! Then we went to the church with some other missionaries to watch general conference! Oh my goodness it was so good I don't even think I'd be able to share all of my thoughts with you. But I've had some questions that have been on my mind for some of my mission and especially the past few weeks. Some have to do with plans afterward the mission and some have to do with needs right now. But I can say that many of my questions were answered or I received a peaceful feeling that everything will be OK and that I don't need to worry about it right now. I'm grateful that a lot of the messages talked about the atonement and how much are heavenly father loves us. I feel like they really explained what true honest repentance is and that the Lord will always love us. And that the price of repentance will always be worth the joy we feel when we are forgiven! In between sessions we all went to Black Bear Diner for lunch! Boy oh boy is that place yummy. 

Sister Dee wasn't feeling too well after conference  so we canceled our plans and went home and took a cat nap! #AManMustNotRunFasterThanHeHasStrength
Pres. Marston and his family showed up to watch General Conference with them.
        After the sessions on Sunday we went to the N.'s house for dinner. They some friends over and one of them was an excellent piano player. We sat in their living room while she played the piano and for some of the numbers we got to sing along to some of our favorite hymns. She played so beautifully it reminded me of the days that I played the piano. I wish I would've practice more so that I could use it on my mission. But I plunk around on a piano every now and then and hopefully I can get back into it when I come home.
It was such a great week!! I just love being a missionary and serving in the Auburn area! 

     Try to reach out to someone this week and serve them! Pray for guidance and act on promptings!

Love y'all! 

Sister Emily Gore

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