Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 45: Following promptings

Monday, October 10, 2016

P-day hike

 I feel a little bit like a robot right now I keep saying I'm happy and it's been a great week, but it's true!!

       On Tuesday we went back to the R.'s for service! This week we started painting their grandchildren's playhouse! It is very similar to the one we have in our backyard at home, so I spent my time reminiscing on my childhood days playing outside. Life is so different now than it was back then, and I am so grateful for the way I grew up and the family who raised me.

That afternoon we went tracting on Pine street!! It felt so good to tract again! Most of our area is so spread out and isn't tractable. So when we turned onto Pine to contact a former I jumped for joy when I saw the town houses all in a row! We met a nice man named S., who was just about to leave but said we could come back on the weekend. Now that doesn't seem like anything but NO ONE EVER says we can come back...EVER!! So we were sooo excited!! We went back Saturday and unfortunately he wasn't home, but we plan to try him again because we are just so excited!
That night the Auburn 3rd ward had their Young Women in Excellence and we were invited to come and speak to the young women. The theme was, Oh, the place you'll go!  It was so fun to be with the youth!
Wednesday we had district meeting and then headed to Colfax to help clean out an old garage with some other Elders and Sisters! We were doing an assembly line and I was in the dirt floor garage, handing things off to people. I love projects like this, I love cleaning out hoarders houses and getting my hands dirty. Well I had picked up a bin and was turning to give it to Sister Morrison, I don't know if the owner of the garage bumped something or if I did, but one of the support beams falls and bonks me on my head. I just kind of stood their shocked.  Everyone was asking if I was okay and I just asked if someone would take the bin.  Someone took it and I walked outside. It hurt a little, but I believe there was an angel there watching out for me. It fell hard and was a big beam, I'm surprised I didn't get a concussion, but I didn't even have a bruise. God truly watches out for His children.

That night we had a lesson with J.! We have been trying to mix it up so he can understand and won't be bored. So we divided up the second half of the Restoration and each taught a portion. His portion was prayer and he bore a beautiful testimony of its importance and how much prayer has helped him in his life.

     I am so grateful that God has a provided a way to communicate with Him. Whenever and wherever we need to. I know that He hears and answers our prayers. He loves us and doesn't always give us what we want, but He will give us what we need.
We were able to have another great letter lesson with the F. family! We showed them the video "A secure anchor". The video depicts a rock climber free climbing, without ropes or harnesses. It may look more fun and exhilarating, but the climber ends up falling probably to his death. It then depicts two climbers, using safety equipment to make it to the top of the canyon! They reached their destination safely and probably had a lot more fun than the other guy who died. He relates it to following the commandments and how they will help us be safe in this life. I am so grateful that God has provided ways for us to be safe, happy, and healthy. The commandments may seem restrictive, but in reality they protect us from spiritual and physical danger.
A sister in the ward works at a memory care facility for people who have some sort of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. We went there sat with them, chatted, and did crafts or puzzles. I met a lady named C. who doesn't really have any memory loss, but her husband lives there so she is there to be with him mostly. She's from Germany and told me all about her childhood and what she did growing up. She told me about how she and her husband met and what brought them to different parts of California. I love old people!! I learned so much from her in just a 45 minute conversation. It definitely made me want to get more into family history and record the stories of my families so I can treasure them and have them before they begin to forget them.
Saturday was a miracle day. "On a whim" (it was really a prompting from the Spirit) we decided to stop by L.'s and see if we could meet her! Wait, let me back up. So she knows President Trentman who is in our Stake Presidency and since we got here, about two months, we have been trying to get her contact info from him. He finally gave it to us and I am so grateful he did. She was excited to meet us and had SO many questions, mostly pertaining to the creation. We were able to answer a few of them, but she seems to trust Google over the scriptures. She wants to know the deep doctrine or the origin of God, which no one actually has the answer too. So we told her we have some lessons we can teach her that will help gain a better understanding of the basics before she can understand the deeper stuff. She said she would love too. We can tell she has such a deep desire to know God! We hope to meet with her next week or so!
Finding people like L., makes it all worth it. It has been hard here, even though I'm so happy, the area has been my hardest. People just don't want to talk to us or are never home. But I know that as I am obedient and diligent, we will be richly blessed and see miracles.

Sister Emily Gore

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